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Upset Educathe u krugu-logo-270x250EDUCAtional THEatre as the place of raising inclusion and employability of People with Disability



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

About the partnership

Financed from the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport (Erasmus+),  EDUCATHE+ is a partnership of eight partners from six EU member states and one partner country who strive together to enhance employment of people with disability (PWD) through use of educational theatre. This method enables us to empower people with disability by developing their Key Competences and, at the same time, to share old and develop new methods, and enhance visibility of people with disability who are usually left on margins of the labour market due to prejudice.

Disability is a social issue that has been addressed significantly by the EU in the recent years but what is lacking still is the notion among employers that being disabled is not being unable to work. As organizations with years of experience in working with and for disabled people, we find that this prejudice persists because of lack of interaction between the disabled and the “non-disabled”.

During our projects (on local and EU level), we have always found that a goal oriented interaction between “non-disabled” and disabled people results in higher levels of mutual understanding, cooperation and even employment and, on the other hand, lower levels of prejudice and subsequent discrimination.

The basic method (“Educational theatre as the place for overcoming discrimination of PWD – EDUCATHE) was developed on that principles in 2008 and it has a profound educational and life altering impact on “non-disabled”, disabled and educators alike. It is an open method that welcomes new input – which is especially important in order to capture the needs of different local communities in the EU. Therefore, this partnership will be used to share methods and enrich them through shared experience of partners,  expanding the subject from field of non-formal education to the field of employment. Built on a proven method that allows all partners to include their method, this partnership will give a new dimension and produce an added value of European stature for all those involved in partnership activities – as we will directly involve learners and educators who are disabled and “non-disabled” and indirectly the general public, media and legislators (through our performances) – therefore addressing all stakeholders of this social issue.

In total of 40 days and 8 international educational workshops of performativne arts, participants will undergo 112 mobilities (with 31 of those made by PWD); share/innovate practices and develop 8 theatre public-dissemination performances; and raise public awareness of economic discrimination of disabled people – all the while receiving numerous “soft-skills” (described in the EU Key Competences) necessary for raising employability. Performances will be site-specific and held in locations that symbolize connection between the EU and the local country – which will add an additional EU dimension. Our performances will engage the audience and be meeting places where disabled people and the general public can interact and discuss – during and after the performances.

Our performances will be recorded and disseminated here, on our web platform, and all those interested in working with (and for) disabled and using theatre for educational purposes will be able to freely access online this knowledge and other materials produced by this partnership: E+ Toolbox, E+ educational video, E+ documentary.

The outputs of our partnership will be built throughout the duration of the project and will include practices, exercises, experiences, interviews and methods that partners will bring into the project as their own contribution (e.g. their style of education theatre). In that way, partners will create a new mix methodology for working with the disabled, promoting inclusion and employability.

Beside our workshops that will produce public performances and reach the public, we will have three staff meetings to ensure quality project management and, equally important, give this partnership an additional, final media conference after 8 dissemination performances held in towns of partner organizations.

We are proud that this partnership has been built on values of transparent democracy, equality and solidarity which, we feel, is a mirror for what Europe strives for. By combining those principles with theatre workshops – to achieve a goal of overcoming social prejudice and enhancing employability of disabled people (by making their abilities visible and rendering their physical/mental predicament less important in the eye of the employers) – is something we want to encourage other organizations to do. We see this partnership as a basis to build a common future network for organizations who address the needs of the disabled and work in education & culture to improve employability of PWD.

We use this opportunity to invite all interested organizations and individuals who work with, for, or advocate rights of disables persons (and other marginalized groups) to contact and join us during the project and afterwards – when we plan to take a third step and spread the results of EDUCATHE + method across Europe and its adult education system.

We are a partnership of different organizations (small NGO’s, an University, community centre etc.) who work with and for people with disability and use theatre (or performative arts) in their work in non-formal education, community or social research.  Our partnership – as any partnership – is as strong as its weakest member. One would expect that such a diversity of organizations would mean a certain power issue in the partnership, but it is not the case. Regardless if the partner organization is a beginner or an experienced organization, we all participate in the same way and in the same partnership bodies.

We cherish our partnership by upholding the democratic principles, practising transparency, working for mutual respect and developing mutual bonds and communication channels which, once connected (as illustrated below) function as a safety net for our E+ (EDUCATHE+) partnership.


With luck, this partnership’s bonds and communication channels will continue after the end of the project in 2017 and we will develop a network of similar organizations

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS (click to read more about the partners)

 E+ Workshops and project meetings

The main activities of the partnership consist of international theatre (and other performative arts) workshops and project managers meetings.Or, as Erasmus+ likes to call them – short joint staff trainings and transnational project meetings.

The main purpose of the workshops is to empower the participants, develop or enhance their “soft skills” (EU Key Competences) and make the issue of prejudice toward people with disability in the labour market more present in the public eyes – by giving a positive public performance at the end of the workshops. Therefore, all workshops will end with a public performance – in order to disseminate the positive experiences from the workshop and engange the public about the issue of prejudice that people with disability face in the labour market.

On the other hand, meetings of project managers serve as a live communication tool where partners can discuss at lenght the issues of the partnership, plan future activities and develop the modalities of sucessful cooperation.


The workshops will be held every two to three months in seven countries and eight cities:  Zagreb (Croatia), Thessaloniki (Greece), Brussels (Belgium), Antalya (Turkey), Athens (Greece), Siracuza (Italy), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Venspils (Latvia).

Each workshop will be an unique opportunity for the local partner to present their method of work in an international setting (which is often missing when working with issues of people with disability) and also an opportunity for all partners to combine, alter, explore and define new methods and enhance their own work.

One the other hand, project managers meetings will be held three times: starting in Zagreb (Kick off meeting), continuing in Antalya (Interim meeting) and finally meeting again in Zagreb (Final report meeting). The last meeting will also include a media conference where results of the whole partnership will be presented and the seed of new partnership (or even an network) will be sawn.


Performances are an integral part of E+ partnership theatre & performative arts educational workshops which focus on the subject of employability and skill development of people with disability and people who work with them by combining non-formal education and performative arts. The skills being developed through the workshops are some of the EU Key Competences skills, mostly the so-called „soft skills“.

Beside being a public presentation of the work done by the participants, it also conveys a positive message to immediate audience  – and, later, to the general public and employers through videos of the performances which are published here, on our E+ platform.

Even though our methods, styles of expression and specific local topics portraited by the perforamnces can differ, the main outward message of all E+ partnership performances is about solidarity, inclusion and the abilities and employability of people with disability.

Inward (to the participants them selves), E+ partnership performances convey the main message of self-empowerment, self-esteem, positive worldview, friendship, solidarity and inclusion – which will help the participants get great new business ideas and enhance their spirit of entrepreneurship. As such, they play a crucial role in this partnership.

All are welcome to visit our free performances (please check the dates and locations below) or, alternatively, to join our performances online – through video recordings of the performances.


22861504304_0930d55df8_z  23127855869_3fe527876e_z  23384983062_0d59bf0662   23469861556_b0718752ca_z(1)   valeria   last   23127019469_0e7bd3f994   vasilis  The first workshop of the partnership is the drama-action workshop “Invisible Ability” held at Trešnjevka Cultural Centre Zagreb (Park Stara Trešnjevka 1, 10000 Zagreb). The main goals of the workshop are:

  • raising employability of people with disability by developing the “soft-skills” (EU Key Competences) of participants and empowering them for the labour market,
  • raising visibility of this social issue in the general public, raising awareness among audience and employers and inciting discussions and debate,
  • researching the subject of prejudice and stigma of PWD on the labour market

To achieve those goals, the workshop will start on 16th November 2015 and end with a public performance on 21st November 2015, in the famous “European Night of Theatre” which, in 2014, brought – in a single night – 42 000 spectators to 148 performances in 43 towns.

The workshop will be held by the coordinating partner of the partnership – UPSET. UPSET Theatre will use their drama-action research approach in order to incite participants to join our theatre workshop as a place of freedom from roles, of reflexive thinking and intensive interaction between those who are “abled” and those who are “disabled”.

The participants will go through an UPSET method framework which is, basically, built upon an combination of Victor Turner’s symbolic theatre (liminoid version of tribal rite of passage) and Kurt Lewin’s action research. This framework is then filled with exercises of drama practitioners and other performative arts expressions (e.g. contemporary dance) which try to help participants research the subject (prepare the participants for their performance).

Therefore, UPSET drama-action is basically a research process imbued with educational and activist qualities which emphasize the process and the importance of participants perspective and knowledge/experience that they bring into the process.

Greek_letter_sigmaWe will combine different drama practitioners exercises with those of movement (contemporary dance) and we will work together to develop a space of freedom from roles, intense interaction and discussion and, of education and reflexive thinking. The culmination of this process will be the final performance which will be held by the participants.

The workshop will be held by an sociologist Ivan Hromatko and Nataša Jurišić, dance pedagogist and choreograph. Finally, the workshop will be recorded and later published on the Platform – in order to disseminate the results and invite other individuals and organizations to join us in a future network and/or use our work.

Zagreb workshop slideshow

Zagreb workshop video


21.11.2015. at 20h (free admission); Trešnjevka Cultural Centre, Park Stara Trešnjevka 1 (TNT theatre hall)


Public performance “Invisible ability” is the final presentation of the eponymous workshop involving people with disabilities and people who deal with the problems of disabled people from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, and which is thematically concerned with increasing the employability of persons with disabilities and their skills. The workshop takes place in the “Educathe +” partnership that is funded as part of the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership.

The workshop is held by Ivan Hromatko and Nataša Jurišić, members of the Association for Prevention of stigmatization and theatre education, and they aim to explore some of the problems faced by people with disabilities in the labour market and social life – and the performance will present potential solutions to these obstacles.

The workshop is designed according to an innovative drama-action research and educational theatre method which is was designed by sociologist Ivan Hromatko for his doctoral dissertation, and then the workshop process is enriched by movement, dance and knowledge’s of dance choreographer and pedagogist Nataša Jurišić.

Specifically, during the six-day workshop the participants will go through a specific drama-action process that is framed by Turner’s rite of passage, focused by drama version of Lewin’s action research, and enriched with elements of theatre and dance practitioners. This well rounded process allows the formation of an alternative and symbolic world that is dominated by the classic theatre freedom from everyday roles, freedom to criticize everyday norms and values, and intensive interaction (artist-performer, artist-director and performer-audience)

In this symbolic world they explore the possibility of replacing the roles in an employer-disabled persons relation and define the actions that go beyond the stigmatization, both external (public messages), and internal (personal skills and abilities).

Starting from the known sayings of all marginalized groups and individuals, “Nothing about us without us!”, participants will actively create the performance and cross the path from stigma and persecution to inclusion and equal opportunities, explore institutional discrimination and architectural barriers – in order to, in addition to defining the problems, define the potential solutions (actions that will be presented in the performance); and cease to be the social “link without the chain”, actively promote inclusion and employability of people with disabilities in work and social life and the benefits of an equal and intense interaction between people with disabilities and the rest of society.

At the end of the performance there will be discussion between the audience and performers, where you will be able to learn from the problems faced by disabled people in seven European countries, but also their solutions which can potentially be applied in Croatia.

All are welcome!


Ivan Hromatko, Nataša Jurišić, Leila Younis, Ana Bobinac, Vladan Korda


Amateurs and professionals from Latvia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatian – participants in international theatrical and educational workshops on employability of people with disabilities.

Will perform on people with disabilities and those who work with them, combining non-formal education and performance art (educators, theatre practitioner, dancers, etc.).

Zagreb – video


C2 International workshop by Aratos

(13.1.2016 – 17.1.2016); Tessaloniki, Greece

Faces on stage, faces on camera

The second workshop and performance of the partnerhsip is an action theatre expression “Faces on stage, faces on camera” held at Theater Aratos (Moskov 12, Thessaloniki). The face shows the expression of our feelings and the participants will be prepared to express their thoughts and their feeling using theatrical methods by practitioners like Grotowski, Boal, Stanislawsky and Gestalt psychology. The participants will work on improvisation expressing their feelings and thus try to bridge their differences.

C2-4 C2-3 1

The main goals of the workshop and the final performance are:

  • Help participants to be more self-confident in daily life,
  • raising employability of people with disability by developing the
  • “soft-skills” (EU Key Competences) of participants and
  • empowering them for the labour market,
  • bridge differences and say NO to discrimination against to disabled people.

The performance of 17th January 2016 will involve people with disabilities and people who deal with the problems of disabled people from Greece, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, and which is thematically concerned with increasing the employability of persons with disabilities and their skills. The workshop takes place in the “Educathe +” partnership that is funded as part of the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership.

Aratos logo aspro

The workshop will be held by the partner of the Educathe+ Theatro Aratos which is a theatre group specializes in theatrical improvisation emphasizing social issues, attitudes, reactions in our daily life, human relations. Aratos is also an open theatrical community for teaching to PWD and non-visible disabled people who have several chronic disorders.

The performance of 17th January 2016 will present the theatre in a more social form helping people express their feelings. The performance will be a final result of Gestalt method (a team and a problem), Boal method (Theatre of the Oppressed, Invisible theater), Grotowski (Objective drama) and Stanislavski system (concept of emotional memory to which an actor focuses internally to portray a character’s emotions on stage).

The workshop will be held by a Director-actor-playwright and journalist Vasilis Tsikaras and Eleni Gianniou, dance pedagogist and gymnast qualified in special treatment. Finally, the workshop will be recorded and later published on the Platform – in order to disseminate the results and invite other individuals and organizations to join us in a future network and/or use our work.FACES ON STAGE,

C2 Thessaloniki_faces_poster_prev


Performance 17.1.2016 20.30 h (free entrance)

Thessaloniki, Greece – Moskov 12, Theatro Aratos

The second workshop and performance of the partnership is an action theatre expression “Faces on stage, faces on camera”. The face shows the expression of our feelings and the participants will be prepared to express their thoughts and their feeling using theatrical methods like Grotowski.

The performance on 17th January 2016 will involve people with disabilities and people who deal with the problems of disabled people from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia, and which is thematically concerned with increasing the employability of persons with disabilities and their skills.

The workshop takes place in the “Educathe +” partnership that is funded as part of the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership.

The workshop is held by Vasileios Tsikaras.

Description of the five day workshop:

Participants work on improvisation expressing their feelings and thus try to bridge their differences. During the rehearsals every participant will use a camera to record short parts of the rehearsals, especially the expressions of participants. Workshop will end with a public performance at Theatre Aratos.

The purpose of the workshop and the final performance is to help participants to be more Aratos as a theatre group specializes in theatrical improvisation emphasizing social issues, attitudes, reactions in our daily life, human relations. Aratos is also an open theatrical community for teaching to PWD and non-visible disabled people who have several chronic.

Our organisation’s members have diverse knowledge about how to use theatre in everyday-life. Also they are experienced in applying theatre, in-group processes and organize – produce of any kind of shooting (filming).

Our main target is to apply theatre in the social field helping people express their feelings.

One of our main targets is also the filming of daily life as a piece of artistic social filming.

The workshop will be filmed from the beginning to end.

Hosts, Assistants, Technicians and Volunteers: Vasileios Tsikaras, Ioannis Perdikis, Kyriaki Spyrou, Christina Lioliou, Eleni Gianniou, Maria Vlachou, Katerina Balaska, Panagiotis Perperidis, Panagiotis Lefkas, Maria Maglavera, Maria Papadopoulou.Performing:Amateurs and professionals from Latvia, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey and Croatian – participants of an international theatrical and educational workshops on employability of people with disabilities. People with disabilities and those who work with them will perform by combining the non-formal education and performance art (educators, theatre practitioner, dancers, etc.).

Tessaloniki – video

Workshop C3 “FRAMES” –

GC De Zeyp – Brussels 15 – 19 March 2016

The workshop C3 FRAMES’ subject and starting point will be the concept of ‘FRAMES’.What is a frame?plakat_orig

Wich types of frames do we recognize? Which frames do we experience as limiting, which frames are rather supportive and liberalizing.

Stigma, undervaluation, discrimination or exclusion from prejudice, ignorance or fear for the unknown (other) remain for many people a reality. This happens in daily life, at work or when searching work. The workshop C3 FRAMES aims to reach out tools to the participants with and without (apparent) disability, to profile and express their own skills and talents and will broaden the gaze of the spectators by inviting them to have a creative look on what the participants have to offer.

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Deliberately the theatre is chosen as a safe place to work in all intimacy, respect, trust and freedom of thinking and acting. The workshop begins with the collection of information and work materials by brainstorming sessions and interviews with the participants on the theme ‘Frames’. The personal experiences, ideas, testimonies, thoughts, feelings and issues that come out of these, will be the building blocks and stepping stones to work with.

Theatre improvisations, dance and bodywork are applied to better know ourselves and ‘the other’. The material produced during the workshop will be prepared for a public performance. This representation contains a message for the audience which is invited after the show to a question and answer session with the participants.

The final performance will be held on 19 March 2016.

Brussels -pix, Album1

Brussels -pix, Album2

C3 Brussels – video


Workshop C4 “Limitless Drama in Different Colours”

Akdeniz University – Antalya; 19 – 23 Sept 2016

Безкрайността на цветовете в Драмата

sait7  sait6
sait5 sait3
sait2 sait1
sait4 sait8


The President of Teatar Tsvete gave an interview today about the forthcoming visit of colleagues from EDU+ project. The interview will be broadcast by Radio Sofia, – frequency 94.5, on 05.05. From 19.15h., in the “Chocolate” talk show.

Whoever is interested can hear it.


You can see a video from a LIFE WITH MASK workshop

and the public presentation of the results from it HERE

The workshop C7 Life with Masks’ subject is the inner masks in our life which help us to succeed or make us victims in different situations. These are models of behavior that we have adapted so that we can manage the challenges and that is happening just before we have discovered our true self.

Some of the masks help us to achieve our goals, others we are using to disguise our vulnerability. Often they are blocking us on an unconscious level and lead us in the same scenario over and over again without getting the most essential things: love, care, respect, connection with others.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the masks that we carry in different fields: love, family, carrier, disabled groups and society.

In the performance “Life with masks” we will look for various points of views and we will use different approaches: improvised puppets, face masks, forum theatre. The performance will be based on personal experience, thoughts and feelings on the subject.


Sunday, 11.06.2017

Arrival day

19:30                         Welcome Drink in Forum restaurant



09:30 – 10:00         registration (13  “Yordan Yovkov” str.)

10:00 – 13:00         building the team and brainstorming the theme

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30         exploring inner masks

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)



9:30 – 10:00            registration

10:00 – 13:00         working with face masks

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30         working with face masks

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)



9:30 – 10:00            registration

10:00 – 13:00         improvised puppets training

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30         introducing forum theatre

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)



9:30 – 10:00            registration

10:00 – 13:00         organizing the final script

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)


14:30 – 17:30         technical rehearsal

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)



Free time in the morning

14:00 – 17:00         general rehearsal

(National Museum of Military History, 92“Cherkovna” str.)

                 (incl. 15 min. coffee break)

18:00                     performance&discussion

poster-n poster1

C8 – International Workshop “I Am Free”,

03 – 07.17

New Image4

New Image1



New Image2



 New Image4

.2017; Ventspils, LATVIA

07 February 2016