Оpen (H) Art

Grundtvig – Learning PartnershIps


1 September, 2009 – 1 September, 2011



Portugal, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria



International research in using different kinds of arts as a tool for socialization in different kinds of marginalized groups of people. Building up of  art-socializing methodology .

On September 21, 2011 in the theatre hall of chitalishte “Brothers Miladinovi”, Sofia was held the final meeting of the team players, trainers theater “Flower” with the students of these volunteers in implementing the art methods of working with children with SEN made within Project “with an open heart,” Grundtvig – Partnerships poznanie’2009.
As a result of this partnership was established project website
as a virtual center for those for whom the use of art in social and educational sphere of interest. It is open to all who want to contribute to its enrichment.