Forum Theatre in Adults Education




Wales – Bulgaria – Denmark – Romania – England – France


2003 – 2005             


The forum theatre has been developed by the Brazilian theatrical director Augusto Boal. It is a specific combination of theatrical techniques, which aim to train people in taking part actively in their society. The project is orientated towards examining the results of applying theatre approaches by adults’ education to different European communities in Romania, Great Britain, Dane, Portugal, France, Estonia, Lithua, Italy and Bulgaria with the collaboration of adherents from Macedonia, Serbia and more specifically towards applying of forum theatre as a tool for encouraging the civic activity. The experience of adults’ trainers, who use forum theatre in different societies, has been generalized and a universal model has been sought for applying this experience to different target groups. The results of the project are generalized in the training for trainers’ manual “Adventures In Forum Theatre”, translated in the relevant language on the WEB sites of the participating organizations.


You could have a look at the PUPPET TECHNIQUES IN FORUM THEATRE gallary