What Do We Offer?


Visiting performances:

 o For young people:

 – Forum theater performances for up to 150 to 300 viewers, duration 60-75 min

 Forum theater gives viewers an incredible chance to try in a safe environment different patterns of behavior in any problematic situation. The facilitator invites viewers to step into the shoes of the oppressed, and change in their own time and way her/his behavior so as to create positive change in her/his situation. This type of interactive theater makes young people rethink their values, makes them aware of their civic rights and responsibilities, helps them look at the problem from different perspectives, promotes human rights and the ways to defend them, including awareness of effective national laws and institutions.


 – Theater games on specific topics in a class lasting 90 minutes


o For the smallest:

– puppet shows


o For municipal holidays

– street performances on stilts



o Possible applications of game art techniques in teaching practice – training for teachers

o Training in forum theater for young people and their teachers

o Training for skills for working with adolescents with SEN and other marginalized groups

o Training in theatrical skills for all ages. Preparation for entrance exams in theatre schools.

Participants in the trainings get  all the necessary materials for future activities and internet consulting


Other Services:

o We get commissions for the development of Forum theater performances on given topics and cases

o We develop and implement projects and programs to stimulate the potential and / or integration of adolescents with Special Educational Needs and other marginalized communities.

o We do  theatre camps

o Team building for employees

o Advice and assistance in the preparation and implementation of corporate celebrations and festive public events