Universal Hug For Piece

Facilitating socializing art activities
for families – victims of September 11
With the support of the Rotary Club – USA, Bulgaria, Turkey






Involving 60 people, family members of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 in various art studios for a week to release from the heavy stress and encourage a new social participation.
Art therapeutic techniques are associated with different kinds of art. In our week-long camp there were classes in dance, music, movement, art, fashion design and puppetry. We facilitated sessions on the last two workshops, and the rest were led by American colleagues.
Art is a unique way of conveying the universal and individual human experience – without the element of obligation, moralizing and annoyance, no pretense of objectivity and truth, without necessarily put any pragmatic goals. Unlike the exact forms of science, art retains enough ambiguity. This gives participants the opportunity to make their own conclusions and, depending on their life experience and potential to perceive the depth in the different recommendations made his messages. Interactive art techniques are playful, making them fun and attractive for all participants. That’s why it is very good way for work in a mixed groups.- with different social backgrounds and abilities.