We, Violina Vassileva, Georgi Stoyanov, Ekaterina Kazakova Konstantin Kostov, Mary Carney, Poliksena Hardalova and Tsvete Yaneva, in 1993 became  founders of the private theater “Tsvete” with Director Yanko Yanev. We graduated from NATFA «Kr.Sarafov» – Sofia, acting and directing for puppet theater.

Since 1995 the team focused mainly on the use of drama and theater techniques, social and educational fields. To this purpose they did postgraduate courses and international trainings, seminars and workshop constantly updating their methods through participation in European projects for training of trainers and exchange of experience in international art and social projects.

In 1999 the theater was registered as a non-profit organization under the law of the persons and family and its work is guided by a Board currently including  V. VassilevaAlexandrova, Ekaterina Kazakova and Tsvete Yaneva as Chairperson. All decisions are discussed and approved at the meetings of the general assembly of Theatre Tsvete.  

In 2013 the association was re-registered under the Law on non-profit organizations in carrying out public benefit. Now chairman of the board is Violina VassilevaAlexandrova and members – Ekaterina Kazakova and Tsvete Yaneva.

Later some of us went to live and work abroad, so we were joined by Yordanka Andonova (puppeteer) Yavor Kostov and Yanko Velkov – Janez (actors).

In our performances we are often joined by  Georgi Mavrov, Nikolai Dogramadjiev and Vasil Spassov – all – puppeteers.

And our former trainee Vencislav Nenkov often takes part in our forum theater performances as a joker.

In our work we are also helped by many volunteers (students, teachers) from around the country who have undergone our trainings.

Postgraduate qualifications of the team:

2012 Marketing for NGOs

2012 Physical theater based on the method of Jacques Lecoq, mask character, and play

2012 Fund raising, planning and impact assessment

2011 Drama techniques in education

2011-12 Drama-techniques in education

2008 Training for working with young offenders, by means of theater

2006 Training for the strengthening of civil society organizations in Bulgaria and Romania

2005 International training in sensory theater

2005 International training for new techniques in the forum theater

2002-04 International Training in Forum theater for trainers and jokers

2001 Training of trainers in the UN Convention on Human Rights, National Training – UNDP & UNICEF

2001 Techniques for teaching modern sex education. National Training – UNDP;

2000 Audiodescription in the work with blind persons Joel Snyder, USA

2000 Art Management, PHARE Program

1999 Academy for positive behaviors, Bahá’í international community

1997-99 “Art for Social Change” – International Training of the European Cultural Foundation;

1996 Psychodrama techniques in working with adolescent victims of violence – David Jeroham.