The project was carried out with the help of the “Workshop for Civic  Initiatives” under the “Rainbow” program with the financial support of the “Oak” and “Velux” Foundations.


01.04.2011 – 01.10.2013



 4 schools in Poduyane district, Sofia



With the active cooperation of the borough of Poduyane the actors worked in 4 schools and helped the theater groups organized during the project to create and present 7 interactive theatrical performances to more than 2000 fellow students.

On May 30, 2013 at the Vazrajdane community center a finalizing conference was held under the name of «Theatre against violence”, which presented the three latest performances created by the students from 42 school “Hadji Dimitar”, 44 School «Bozveli Neophyte” and 95 school “Prof. Ivan Shishmanov. ” The performances are based on real cases shared by the participating students. After the performances the actor leading the discussion invited the viewers to intervene in the case studies thus presented, that is, to get on stage at a moment of their choice and try to find a way to improve the outcome of the story changing the victim’s behavior (the so called Forum theater). The method is new for our country and is an effective way to do peer-to peer non-formal education.