The Playground Of Violence analysis and handling of social programmes with the usage of drama-pedagogical and theatrical tools


The international project was carried out thanks to the funding of Daphne III program of the European Union.


Leading organization: Káva Drama / Theatre in Education Company – Hungary.

Partner: Sigma Art – Romania



01.05.2011 – 30.04.2013



All over Bulgaria



The main task was to acquire new skills for the implementation of theater in education techniques aimed at the prevention of violence among the young. Within this project the actors developed two programs.

“Comment on that!” was presented 34 times in Sofia and in the country involving as participating audience about 1000 pupils aged 13 – 16.

The play starts as a love story between Ivan and Stella, and eventually has a violent turn due to the disregard of privacy on Facebook. It is based on a true story, and a large part of it is left for the participating audience to decide upon. The teenage audience is involved in the process ofthe characters’ creation andthe story development through a variety of techniques. The program is about 90 minutes long.

The young people are truly excited and engaged by the case, which they themselves further develop. They shared that the participation in this program has changed their responsibility as users of the internet and as members of society in general.

On May 30, 2013 at the “Vazrajdane”community center  a finalizing conference took place under the name of «Theatre against violence” presenting the outcomes of the project. Video footage of their application, as well as instructions for their use are provided to interested teachers upon request