You Decide!


creating a forum theater performance against peer violence for children from 9 to 13,

Supported by Ministry of Culture



Today, school violence has become routine to such an extent that students often do not notice it. More and more often and earlier and earlier …

The didactic education system is apparently powerless to deal  with the problem. A rebuke from the school principal no longer works .

 In the theatrical show that we want to create , the students will see some of the most frequent scenes of violence at school, will identify with the characters, and  will talk about the characters’ motivations and feelings at different stages of the story. When the children experience the emotions of the oppressed, they will be motivated to look for a way to ease his/her situation. By participating they will create other scenes giving different  perspectives  to the story. So they will reconsider their opinions and will use their own experiences and thoughts. Experiential learning can reach a deep and lasting understanding to bring about a change in attitudes and thoughts.

 Hopefully, through our  media partners, the newspaper ‘Az Buki ” and the”Alma Mater radio ” we will give maximum publicity to the results of the use of drama and theatre techniques in civic education of adolescents. I hope this will provoke the interest of the Ministries of Culture and Education in  applied theater and its use in the school system .

To assess the effectiveness of this innovative practice , we will seek feedback from viewers . The questions will be printed on flyers and the answers will be sent to us via the Internet.