Youth Agora

The project was realized thanks to the

Capital Programme “Culture”


January – February,  2009


Sofia, Culture home “Slavyanska beseda”


Theatre “Tsvete” represents forum theatre that is used for the prevention of human trafficking, drugs and domestic violence as a form of non-formal civic education.

 Compilation and spreading of supportive informational materials


Young family, where everything starts in beautifull love, falls in a crisis situation when the husband  man loses his well-paid job.Frustration over the financial impasse triggers jealousy, then aggression.
Does a woman need to work when she’s supposed to be a housewife?

Is it possible to reach out to someone you consider your beloved one?

Is there any justification for domestic violence?

How far compromise can get?

Forum theater does not give a definite answer to these questions, but is open to all who want to try out on stage how they would deal with such situation.



Peter is 18 years old. He studies and struggles with life in the big city by himself.

He falls in love for a first time. He is ready to do everything for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Lina is dependent on drugs. To help herget out of withdrawal crisis, Peter commits an offense.

Can love justify it? Do you have a choice when you are in love?

Perhaps this situation is familiar to you or you just have something to say?

Forum theater offers real problem situations on stage, with no single answer.

Come and see and if you want – try to find





Sofia is 15 years old and as every girl, she dreams … In an effort to be independent and to achieve her dreams, she made mistakes and falls in trafficking and forced prostitution abroad.



And if you were in her place?
Are you sure that you would say “no” at the decisive moment?
Forum theater allows you to experience themselves in a completely realistic situation.



Tsvete Yaneva



Violina Vasileva-Aleksandrova

 Poliksena Kostova

 Yordanka Andonova

 Ekaterina Stoyanova

 Nikolai Dogramadzhiev

Yavor Kostov