The Flying Knight

Forum puppet theater performance

for 7 to 10year-old students

The puppet show ” The Flying Knight ” tells the story of a boy with a very vivid and powerful imagination. He is not accepted by his classmates because he is different. And theadults are preoccupied with  their own problems.

What  happens on stage is familiar to the viewers . It’s fun… But did our viewers ask themselves whether  all of them laughed ? We train kids from elementary school course to recognize violence in its various forms and to protect one another.

If they remain silent and put up with the violence , the abuser easily believes he is invincible and goes on with the harassment, which eventually is answered with aggression.

With this show we want to challenge children, parents and teachers to face  the personal responsibility  to the problem  of school violence. Depending on who the  audience are, it gives material to make a forum  for  the different target  groups.



Script and direction : Tsvete Yaneva

Set  and puppets : Christina Nedeva

Music: Vlada Yaneva


Violina Vassileva

Dana Andonova

Ekaterina Kazakova

Yanko Velkov – Yanetz

 and the 7 -year-old Ivan Mutafchiyski


The program was co-financed bythe Programme “Culture” of Sofia in support of the candidacy ofSofia  and the Southwestern Region for European Capital of Culture – 2019