Drama in Educating  For Children at Risk


Co-project of Bulgaria for the main one: “Play Against Violence”

Program “Arts and Social Change” of European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam



 Home for children and adolescents without parental care “Asen Zlatarov”, Sofia



October 1999 – May 2000



         Work with children and adolescents – victims of domestic, age, ethnic or sexual violence

         Building up common trust and personal responsibility. Sharing and discussing different private or social problems

         Building up intolerance towards violence. Mutual help

         Theatrical education in three groups divided by age. Finalizing the results of our work by the spectacles “The Three Little Pigs”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Pilot Show”



Eight months collaborative work, eight months spent in expectations for the final day of real stage, bright eyes, music, make-up, costumes, masks, lights…. Suddenly… one of the boys loses his mother. Eyes become gloomy, masks fall down, the lights turn into darkness. But the boy, named Traycho, decides to participate. He will participate for his friends! After the performance, the audience stands up, applauding and you could see tears in everybody’s eyes