Let’s Join Hands In Games


The project was initiated by the “Concepts – Bulgaria” and realized

with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg



Golden Sands.



June 19 to 26, 2000








Training of teachers, social workers, actors and young leaders from regions to With mixed ethnic population Bylgariya Macedonia and Albania

Application of drama and theater techniques in teaching youngsters tolerance


Basic training program modules:

1. Seminar supporters – teachers from different Balkan states. Analysis of country-specific issues in the lives of adolescents. Discussion, summary of the problems in the Balkans youth.

2. Training in the use of theater and drama – methods in educating children in a spirit of tolerance work with children. Learning to empower the natural friendship between children that occurs in games to prevail over ethnic hatred by creating groups of adolescents ( aged 9-14) in places of ethnic tension. Practical application of acquired skills in working with a group of children under the guidance of our trained professionals and educators . Application of methods for solving problems   (exchange of experience).

 Practical work with children

  • Good morning , Sunshine! – Sports Games and dancing ;
  • To join hands in the games ! – Art activities for children in the choice of modules acting, music, dance and fine arts under the guidance of teachers . Cooperation between different groups for the implementation of theatrical performance
  • A look at Bulgaria – walks and kskurzii
  • Our common home – let’s make things more comfortable and prepare together dinner
  • Starry nights – nights of contacts, contests , new friendships , sketches, and discussions of positive behavior , performances and discos. Establishment of fresh self-esteem , respect, tolerance and trust among adolescents .





 Created puppets tell so much about their creators!

A clay spider hiding in the darkest corner of the room does not cause discomfort in others.

Hopefully someone away his loneliness!

Merry crumb tickling child whose clothing has fallen to him laugh.

And he angrily shakes January. Who will now notice it?

Elegant legs of the spider vimatelno touch her … And she gets his chance – merrily rolls around! That condition would jump! She jumps …

Real fairy!





With the support of the European Youth Foundation

Council of Europe, Strasbourg


Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania



September-November, 2000



Practical for training of Golden Sands.

Discussion of future cooperation with local organizations on issues of adolescents.