1. Working FOR and WITH adolescents and their social environment to create conditions for their future positive involvement in social life, regardless their background and capabilities (including people without parent care, with physical or mental disabilities, victims of viollence and conflicts)
2. Motivation the society in solving the problems of adolescents
3. Introducing Art as a powerfull tool in the social, educational and health work with young people



·   Conduct informal civic education among adolescents

·   Support the integration of minority communities

·   Transferring and disseminating best practices of applied theater

·   Enrichment, improvement and updating the repertoire based on the needs of the different participating groups


·   Development and implementation of artistic, social and educational projects

·   Production and distribution of professional and youth theater performances

·   Initiation, implementation and participation in national and international seminars, conferences, trainings and workshops for young educators (students and professionals), artists, social workers and youth volunteers

·   Adaption and implementation of good artistic practices for positive social change

·   Construction and involvement in worldwide networks of organizations with similar activities

·   Interaction with state and regional institutions, NGOs, universities, cultural institutions, mass media at home and abroad.