Zlatograd, Gotze Delchev, Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahvitza, Targovishte, Sofia



1 April,2008 – 30 June,2009



The aim of the second phase of the project was the expansion of the network and the creation of potential for sustainability. On one hand we had the increased number of clubs, but on the other – there were profound knowledge and skills of some of the first participants in the forum, so in future they could be leading the Forum Theater, able to prepare new players for clubs.


     Training of 42 young people as trainers of their peers in forum theater
     Construction of new youth theater and discussion club in each city with the direct assistance of trained volunteers
     Creation and presentation of theatrical performances on the most exciting local youth issues motivating her active participation in solving them

The  19 theatre-discussion clubs have more than 150 performances before more than 8 000 students in their hometowns and around the country. They make web sites. Print informational materials. Win lots of fans. Their work is covered by the local media. They get commissions for performances from NGOs working on various youth issues.                           

On 26, 27, 28 of June, 2009, all the youths get together in Sofia for the second edition of “Agora” festival for youth social theatre. 250 boys and girls join the final stage of the project. On the stage of “Slavyanska beseda” community theatre in the centre of Sofia the young actors, aged 13 to 25, have 19 forum theatre performances, based on real, lived through stories. They encourage the audience to be participants in the show and join in with ideas for the solution of the problems on stage. And the problems are numerous: lack of communication with parents, domestic violence, aggression at school, social indifference, ecology, corruption…                                                                                                         

The openness in the way the young people share and DISCUSS their problems captures the audience. Come and see, and if you feel like it – PLAY IT!                                                                                               

Forum theatre gives the audience the unique chance to test different models of behaviour in a safe environment. Young people learn to be socially active and stand for their beliefs in realistic situations on stage.                                                                                      


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