The show is created through the kind support of the Ministry of Culture, won through competition

And What Would You Do?

Forum theater performance

for 10 to 14-year-old students

A ti kakvo bi napravil


The performance deals with some of the most common forms of violence in schools. The masks of the actors and the lack of words allow viewers to identify types, rather than individual characters . This allows each of them to invest the characters with memories from  their own life experience and thus to have their own share in the making of the story. When children experience the emotions of the oppressed, they will be motivated to look for a way to ease his/her situation. Their participation will create other scenes showing different perspectives and possible solutions to the conflict prior to the act of violence. 

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Violina Vassileva

Nevena Dencheva

Filip Gulyashki

Mihail Petrov



Tsvete Yaneva