Аn interactive puppet show against the violence for kids, age 3 to 7,
Following the Petia Karakoleva’s tale

Co-production with “Amadeus” theatre

It is an amusing story about a cricket who does not want  to play his violin. He wants to be a hero and uses his bow as a sward. Everything his bow touches, however makes music. He plays a one string melody on the stubborn Daisy, a two string melody on the lazy wheat ears and a three string melody on the Sun rays. Due to his wonderful music he solves all the problems on the meadow: The Daisy gives honey to the hungry Bee, the wheat ears get up and give way to Granny Ant to enter her home and even the Sun, who does not take any orders, agrees to give warmth to the flowers. These adventures convince the children together with the cricket that the music is stronger than the weapons.
The  opportunity for children to take an active part in the story and to play on the stage makes the performance an exiting and unforgettable experience for them and their parents


Director and Playwright: Tsvete Yaneva
Composer: Elena Metodieva
Acting: Ivona Zheleva, Elena Grozdanova