puppet show introduces kids with diseases that lead to unclean food and unwashed hands

Large lizards have long since vanished from the Earth..
Hygiene habits that have been acquired are sustained in the performance offered in the RPGs..

The big Lizards disappeared from the Earth a long time ago. But our story will help children in the upbringing of a newly-hatched Dinozaur who knows nothing about our world.The hygyene’s habbits, which the children already have will be assimilated by the suggested to them at the performance role plays. And their sympathy to the patient Dino, who likes clean, the children build respect towards the hygiene.


Playwright and Director: Tsvete Yaneva
Music: Nadejda Yotzova
Stage decoration: Jennie Lacheva
Actors: Violina Vasileva, Georgi Mavrov