Audience Blending by Arts

Co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Program

  Project | Contract Number: 2017-1696 / 001-001


Creating  opportunities for equal participation of people with disabilities in art as performers or audiences is a pan-European problem that deals with numerous organizations, each of them – with specific tasks and discoveries. The problem concerns a lot of people, so their partnership is very useful to everyone.

Theatre “Tsvete” provokes the personal development of young people and encourages their positive inclusion in public life, regardless of their background and background, by applying innovative for Bulgaria interactive theatrical techniques. Participating in the international project ” Audience Blending by Arts” will enrich our professional arsenal to fulfill our mission, so the participation is desired and exciting for the team. The project envisages the collaboration of 8 partner organizations from 6 countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Portugal, Finland and Croatia – to apply and participate in the dissemination of successful innovative equipment for the inclusion of disabled people in the art created by Finnish actor Eero Enquist.

A major event in the project is the creation of a speech-based performance, equally suitable for actors with and without hearing problems and equally accessible to viewers with and without them.

The unusual performances will also be distinguished by the free-of-charge discussion between each of them, assisted by sign language interpreters, creating the conditions for equal interpersonal communication and successful mixing of audiences.

In our creative team are included: art director Vassil Spassov (Theatre Tsvete);  actors: Rositsa Karadjova and Nuri Yashirov (from Mim-Art Theater), Violina Vassileva-Alexandrova (Theatre Tsvete) and Todor Yankulov (guest-actor).

The project includes Open seminars for directors from all over Europe, interested in the applied theater. These will be the places to exchange experiences about ways to attract and mix audiences with different needs.

The project envisages collaborative work of the experienced in IBT participants  on its adaptation  on groups with other special needs. The results achieved in the project will be made available to colleagues from around the world from the forthcoming creation of a manual and its publication on the web platform of the project and the website of Theatre Tsvete.

 A kick-off meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

Our project officially started at a kick-off meeting in Zagreb, Croatia on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 September 2017.

Art Directors in Brussels

De Zeyp building (brick with large windows, green bushes to the left of the front door and steps leading to the door)

The art directors from the partner countries met in Brussels, Belgium on 1 December 2017. They discussed their vision for the different performances of the Kukunor.

Project Meeting in Sofia

A consortium meeting will take place on 7-9 March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Project managers and art directors will hold concurrent meetings to discuss relevant aspects of the project. All participants will attend rehearsals of the Bulgarian version of the Kukunor.

Theatre «Tsvete» Presents:

 An innovative bilingual performance

Based on the play «Kukunor and Uniku» by Eero Enqvist

Created in partnership with Theatre «MIME-ART»

Adapted and directed by: Vasil Spasov

Set designer – Boyana Bachvarova

Consultant: Maria Atanasova

Performed by: Rositsa Karadjova, Violina Vasileva-Aleksandrova, Nuri Yasharov and Todor Yankulov

Situated at the borderlands of two enemy countries, two soldiers will discover the Human on the other side of the fence. Despite all the external limitations – physical, psychological and emotional, the road to the Other is always worth travelling….

This innovative bilingual performance brings together on the same stage actors with and without hearing impairment, as well as an audience with and without hearing loss in the same hall. Each character is depicted by a pair of actors, who combine in a unique way two Bulgarian languages – spoken and sign.

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IVE_0277 IVE_0301

20 October, 2018 – Lisbon

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