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At the end of 2017, on a meeting with school directors and representatives of local commissions for combating juvenile delinquency (CCJD) in the capital, theatre Tsvete declared its intention to conduct CAMPAIGN “THEATRE AGAINST VIOLENCE ’18”.

In order for a school to join the campaign, it is necessary:

  • To purchase minimum one package of 5 forum-theatre performances offered by theatre “Tsvete”, related to different forms of violence;
  • To build a school theatre club from at least 6 children between 5th and 10th class and one pedagogue – leader of the club, in order to participate in the festival “Theatre against violence” at 26th of December, 2018;

Thanks to the financial support, received by the local CCJD-s from “Poduiane” and “Vitosha” districts and program “Sport” of Sofia municipality, the campaign joined 2nd secondary school ”Academician Em. Stanev”, 86th primary school „St. Kl. Ohridski”, 130th secondary school „Stefan Karadja” and students from „Non-formal education” speciality of Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski” with a leader Associate Professor Vania Bojilova. The methodological materials for the students training were created in collaboration with Associate Professor Vania Bojilova in a way, most suitable for their regular university education. In the first stage of their education the young people fulfilled tasks, related to the creation of a short theatre performance after a real story. At the second stage, they were educated in jokering (leading the forum after the performance). Right after that started the practical part of their education – the preparation of students forum theatre performances in order to participate in the festival. As a result of the co-work of pupils, pedagogues, students and actors in each one of two of the schools there was one performance and in 86th primary school – there were two ones, which were played 2 times in front of classmates.

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At the festival „Theatre against violence”, conducted on the 26.11.2018 in the University Theatre „Alma Alter”,were presented  4 forum theatre performances with the participation of 32 actors at the age between 12 and 14 years, prepared under the leadership of 12 students with mentors 3 actors and 4 local pedagogues. They were jokered by trained by us students. The total amount of the pupils performances is 200.

The students were certified for their training, and to the joined pedagogues was given thanksgiving certificate.​