“Theatre Tsvete” was founded as a social theatre formation in 1993 by graduates from the Puppetry Department of the National Theatre and Film Academy in Sofia. On  April 13, 1999 it was registered as a non-profit association under the law for the individuals and the families. In 2013 the association was re-registered under the Law on non-profit organizations as carrying out public benefit.

 Actors work with and for children and young people and their environment to create conditions for their future positive social inclusion, regardless of their background and abilities:

 to develop their  personal potential and build a system of values;

 for the prevention of involvement in acts of violence, ethnic intolerance,STDs, human trafficking, drugs;

 for the inclusion of disadvantaged adolescents: from minority ethnic groups, deprived of parental care, homeless, with physical and intellectual problems, with deviant behavior, school dropouts, victims of violence and armed conflict;

 for their involvement in  peer-to-peer youth networks for informal civic education in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

 The actors use theater and drama techniques for informal civic education among adolescents. The audience is not just a spectator but also a participant in the interactive performances. In the working sessions students learn by experience, not by studying how to deal with life’s problems.

To facilitate successful involvement of young people from marginalized communities in the social life the team works to break the stereotypes in the public attitude towards them. Part of this work are the public presentations of theatrical performances in which they participate, together with their peers.

Leads national and international trainings and sharings of experience using of drama and theater techniques in the social work of educators, actors, social workers, young volunteers (in the Balkans, Western Europe, U.S.). Seeks cooperation with parents, state and municipal institutions, NGOs, mass media.

Winner of international awards.

Member of the International Association for Drama / Theatre in Education IDEA, the National Network for the Children, the World Association of Puppet Theatres UNIMA, the Association of Bulgarian Puppet Theatre ACT Association for pedagogical and social assistance to children FICE – Bulgaria and the National Alliance for Social Responsibility.