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CPEE Gargasidni – Spain

Aratos Theater – Greece


The theater has the advantage that encompasses each and every one of the performing arts, so the necessary individualization is achieved for each person (taking into account their strengths, preferences and abilities) while maintaining the motivation for collaborative work and as a teamwork, working together to achieve a common goal that would not be possible without the sum of each and every contribution.
The theater also offers a space to overcome the social discrimination of people with disabilities in order to guarantee access to cultural contents and also to create them.
Taking this into account, we pursue a wide range of objectives that go from the learning of dramatic art strategies and techniques until those which are more transversal and affect the personal development of the participants.

Tangible results during the project and once it has been comleted:

  • The ultimate goal is to represent different shows in each of the cities of the partners, involvd in the project Calpe-Spain, Thessaloniki-Greece and Sofia-Bulgaria in order to provide significance and social projection to the work of participant and project cultural content in different sectors of
  • Learning and acquisition of new interpretive and communicative skills through training workshops, developed by the participating proffesional partners
  • Creation of stratеgic cross-boarderal , collaborative network, based on a common interest of increasing the social visibility of value of performing arts in the educational and social field.

We will develop a project divided into two phases:

A first course dedicated to a week of specific training in theater and performing arts workshops in each of the partners headquarters
A second course dedicated to the rehearsal and representation of the plays that will have been designed at each participating institution.
Participants of these actions will be the 36 students (12 from each participating country) who will carry out the training workshops and the representation of the work.

Kick-off meeting:  2-4.11.2019, Calpe
The First Educational Training – 9-13.03.2020-Calpe
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