Being humans, each of us has equal rights and responsibilities to protect them, regardless of their origin and characteristics. The point of the project is to convince 60-100 students between the ages of 13-17 from Targovishte, Zlataritsa, Sliven, Dolni Tsibar and Kazanlak, how important this is for all of us and to teach them how is possible THEY to be active, to be able to mediate in conflict situations, to hold public discussions about problems in the classroom or at school, caused by intolerance, misunderstanding and violation of the other humans’ rights.

Participants will be trained in 2 programs, based on an innovative methodology, involving the participants in a creative process that is personally meaningful, which in turn makes the training effective.

They will be included in 5 youth clubs, each under our leadership, will prepare and show to the audience 6 interactive performances in front of about 300 young people from the region (1500 for the all period of the project). All topics in the performances are those that excite the young people and thanks to this, they will be able to seek solutions together with the audience.

Their performances will become available to the local authorities and the public at a total of 15 specially prepared meetings in the regions and another national one – right after the Festival of the Clubs in Sofia.


The „Practice your rights with knowledge and creativity”  project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Norway Grants. The project benefits from a 113 600 euro grant. The basic goal of the project is the development and application of educational tools in defense of the human rights. The sole responsibility for the content of this website lies with Theatre Tsvete and under no circumstances can be assumed that it reflects the official opinion of the Fund Operator or the Donors.