Cyber Warfare of Violence

Theatre “Tsvete” begins the realization of a project “Cyber warfare of violence” funded by National Fund “Culture”, program “Audiences”.

The project plans to prepare a digital version and online distribution of four forum-theatre performances from our repertoire.

Our aim is to explore the interest in such online events, placed in different settlements. We want to provide a way to the youth audience in the context of COVID-19 and through that the forum-theatre in the digital area to be established as a successful art technique for the re-examination and protection of violence and dependencies. After the screening of every performance there will be an online discussion with the viewers and their suggestions will be performed live immediately by the actors in our studio.

The first online forum-theatre performance “And what would you do?” will be shown in 25th of January at 14:00 PM in ZOOM for the students of city of Zlatograd.

The same performance will be shown one more time at the same date, but at 16:00 PM for the students of Zlataritza on the online platform that their school uses.