Established in 1993, private Theater “Tsvete” started with the puppet shows for the kids in kindergartens and primary schools. (“Chrstmas Tale”, “Grandmother Stories”, “Who Conquered the Sun”, “Snow Adventures,” “Pizho and Penda”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Theatre – Surprise,” “Soap Tale,” “We and It “).

Specially produced for enormous number of spectators and translated in Albanian language, Theater Tsvete’s our puppet show was performed for thousands small Kosovars in refugee camps in Macedonia. Other shows merried many kids, fixed in wheelchairs or living in ruin orphanages. And others visited many Bulgarians in regions detached from culture
Show “Grandmother Stories” was presented and appreciated in a lot of Bulgarian and international festivals:

Directing our activities in the field of civic education, the actors create performances “Open Your Eyes!”, “Windows”, “Dangerous Love”, “The Dose”, “Family Puzzle”, ” We and It”, “Comment On This!” , “What Would YOU Do?”. The innovative theatre techniques, which they use transform the viewers into participants in the theater performance. Young people have the opportunity to look at the issue from different perspectives, to try to resolve it and to experience the consequences of their actions, this time – in a safe environment.
Unfortunately, the lack of own scene gives short life of many of the shows.

2018-2019 Puppet Celebrations in the Rhodope Mountains
2014  Theatre “You Decide!”

creating a forum theater performance against peer violence for children from 9 tО 14

2013 Theatre Creation interactive puppet show for education in non-violence and tolerance

With the support of the Capital Programme “Culture”

 2011-2013 Theatre;
Team training

“The Playground Оf Violence”

Analysis and handling of social programmes with the usage of drama-pedagogical and theatrical tools

With the support of European Commission, Program “Daphne III”

 2006 – 2007 Theatre for Civic Education

“The Court with Open Doors”

Series of forum theater performances, informing young people about the changes in the Bulgarian legislation and its practical implementation.

Part of the Judicial Strengthening Initiative of the American Agency for International Development..

 2006 Theatre;

 “Performing Artists for Balkan Peace’ 2006”

New meeting of Balkan artists and directors of the International Theatre Festival in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Theatrical performances outdoors in the historic sites in the city.
Supported by the European Cultural Foundation and the International Institute for theater, USA

 2005 Theatre;
Civic Education
“The Name Of the Woman”
Theatre show, provoking debate in the society about women’s rights;
A part of the project of Association “Women in Present»
Supported by the Dutch Embassy, Matra KAP Programme
 2005 – today  Theatre Theatre stilt shows participation in community events
Municipality invitations
 2005  Theatre “Wood-Nymph Themes”
Stilt street folklore show.
Self financed
 2005 Theatre;

“Performing Artists for Balkan Peace’ 2005”

Meeting of socially engaged theater companies from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, England, USA and Bulgaria to exchange ideas, techniques and to build collaborative theater show about contemporary social problems on the Balkans (“Honey and blood” )
Supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme Pro Helvetia and ArtsLink (USA)

 2005 Theatre for
Civic Education
Theatrical performance to inform the society about the new measure in Bulgarian penal system – probation
Supported by British Council, Bg
 2005 Theatre for
Health Education
“Soap Tale”
Health deals with educational puppet show for the kids
Self financed
 2005 Theatre for
Civic Education
“We and It”
Chill street Kukes show with an interactive part of education in tolerance
A part of “Socially Inclusive Europe Project” of
Save the Children UK, Bulgaria
 2005 Theatre for
Civic Education

“Open your eyes!” – 1 phase

Creation of forum theater performances for prevention of human trafficking with The Geese Theatre Company, UK
Supported by the British Council – Bulgaria

 2003  Theatre

“Theatre in the hot spots of the Planet”

Theatrical tour in USA of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Grandmother Stories”. Video lectures. Workshops “Puppets Against Violence” and “Creating Puppets” at universities in seven states.
Supported by Arts International and the management of Bond Street Theatre

 2003  Theatre Networks “Artists for Peace in the Balkans – 2002”
Theatrical tour in the Balkans for exchange of skills in the areas of physical and puppetry.
Joint theater project with Bond Street Theater, New York
Supported by Arts International
 2001 Theatre for
Health Education

 “Dangerous Love”

Stilt street show, created for the National hepaning on the International Day to Combat HIV and AIDS, December 1.
Supported by the United Nations Development Program

 2000 Theatre;
Prevention of violence;

 “Post – Conflict Theate in the Balkans” – 1

Joint theater production of “Romeo and Juliet” with Bond Street theater – NYC. Theatrical tour and art workshops with children from different ethnic groups in post-war Kosovo
With the support of ArtsLink & Trust for Mutual Understanding – USA

Facilitation of the First Balkan Conciliation Youth Seminar in Plovdiv
Organized by UNESCO

000 Theatre for
Health Education
“Theatre – surprise”
One woman puppet show
Self financed
 1999  Theatre Christmas theatrical tour in care homes for kids without parents’ care
Supported by Fund “Culture”of the Ministry of Culture
 1998  Theatre “Winnie the Pooh”
Joint production with puppet house “Marietta and Marionetta
 1998  Theatre Distribution of theatrical production in regions detached from the cultural life
Supported by the National Theatre Centre at the Ministry of Culture, Bg
 1995  Theatre “Pizho Penda”
Season interactive puppet show
Self financed
 1994  Theatre “Snow Adventures’
Christmas interactive puppet show
Self financed
 1994  Theatre  Participation in national and international theater festivals
 1993 Theatre for
Civic Education
“Who conquered the sun?”
interactive puppet show for children against violence
Self financed
 1993  Theatre

 “Grandmother Stories” 

Musical Puppet show for adults and children, with puppets made on the spot from traditional materials and featuring
Private sponsors

 1993  Theatre “Christmas Tale”
Puppet show
Self financed