Theater is magic. And every child wishes to become a hero of fairy tale. Tale in which everything depends on everyone. Its success depends on the actuation of all those who create it – those who are on stage and those who are pulling the curtain. Those who paint and those who sing. Those who make the costumes and those who submit the props. That’s why we use theater as a tool for socialization of marginalized groups.

In seeking to achieve the common dream children realize that another’s rights is just as important as your own. In cooperative games children find similarities and accept their differences. Entertainment imperceptibly turns into education in tolerance. Group becomes a team, kids – friends.

Along with this, the big advent of the art THEATRE in social aspect is that it contains in itself all the other arts. This allows not losing motivation to achieve the common goal to have an individual to work with each individual child, suitable to fill his/her deficits and support  personal development.
The tasks we set ourselves in working with minority groups aim at:

  • Development of personal potential and build positive system of values in young people;
  • Creating the conditions for successful implementation in the social life of young people in these communities;
  • Breaking the stereotypes in the public attitude towards the “others.”

2019 Development of the Audience of People with Hearing Impairments in Bulgaria
Different together
 In Europe – With Us Or Without Us
2013 – 2014 Socialization;
Civic education;
Training of
partner in the project “Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities” in School «V.Vodenicharski» – Hayredin

Project of the Ministry of Education

2012-2013 Socialization;

Civic Education;

Training of teachers’

 “Social Inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria “- 2

2011 – 2012 Socialization;

Civic Education;

Training of teachers’

 “Social Inclusion of Roma in Bulgaria”- 1

2009 – 2010 Socialization;

Civic education;

Training of volunteers

“Art Social Children’s Center”

Socializing art classes for 3 different groups of children with special needs (auditory, visual and intellectual) and other peers.
Supported by the fund for NGOs support – Bulgaria


2008 – 2010 Socialization;

Civic education;


“Art With A Difference”

International project of theater companies, working with people with disabilities
Supported by EU – the program “Culture 2007 – 2013»


2007 Socialization

Socialization of children with SEN in Bansko

Supported by Association “Choice”, Bansko


2004 Socialization “Improvised puppets out of everyday objects”
Workshop for socialization of students in school, “Second Chance” – CopenhagenInvited by the school.
2004 Socialization

As Fingers Of The Hand

Forum theater performance in protection of human rights at “Apolonia”  festival of arts with the participation of young people with various disabilities and youth leaders from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia

Supported by European Youth Foundation, Strassbourg


2003 Socialization

Socialization of children with SEN

Preparation and presentation of joint theatrical production by children and young people with intellectual disabilities and primary school pupils in Bansko

Supported by Association “Choice”, Bansko

2001 Socialization

Participation in in the National Concert program on December 3 – the International Day of Persons with Disabilities of youngsters with disabilities from  “Knyaz Boris I” and their peers from the town of Lukovit

Charity project of theatre “Tsvete”

2001 Socialization

We Will Build A Wonderful World

Social adaptation of graduates Home for girls with permanent physical problems and preserved intellect “Knyaz Boris I” – Lukovit peers from local schools
Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands, MATRA KAP program


 1997-1998  Socialization;

Civic Education;


“Positive Social Adaptation for Children at Risk”

in 5 social homes for children without parents’ care in Lovech district (Bulgaria)

Supported by “Development of Civic Society” Foundation

 1997-1998  Socialization;

Civic Education


“Socializing Cultural Program” in 6 social homes for kids without parents’ care in the district of Kyustendil and 5 others in Montana district

Supported by “Open Education”Center and “Open Society”Foundation

 1994-1995  Socialization;



“The Soul Of The Object”

joint theater activities of children deprived of parental care and their peers from regular schools

Supportd by charity fund “Kabaivanska”