The Court With Open Doors

This is the name of series of forum theatre shows, which we perform around Bulgaria. We consider it very important for the young adults to know the lows of our country and the ways they are used. The raising of their awareness of the Court system will make them more confident about the defense of their own interests. This is the most important reason to build up a positive motivation for participating in the social and economical life of our society.

The activities are a part of the Judicial Strengthening Initiative of the American Agency for International Development.

Family Puzzel

This is the first performance of our series of theatrical performances, which we called “The court with open doors”. Our striving is to raise the knowledge of young people according to the laws, by which the Bulgarian society is being ruled and the way, by which they are being applied practically.
We decided to dedicate the first performance of the series to the domestic violence, which is unfortunately a very often problem in Bulgaria. We hope that the presented by us story will cause a reflection according to the rights and the responsibilities in the family life in those persons, who are going to enter into these rights and responsibilities. The performance will make known the young audience to the laws in force in Bulgaria, which protect the rights of each of the partners and sanction the violators. Young people will not only see, but will also take part by themselves in a court session, which settles broken family relationships as a result of domestic violation. The audience, who participate in the performance will share from the stage their opinion according to which extend the court’s intervention gives a new chance to persons with hard family problems.
We hope that our meetings are interesting and useful!

family puzzel

Director:   Tsvete Yaneva
Actors:   Poliksena Hardalova, Nikolay Dogramadjiev, Violina Vasileva, Jordanka Andonova, Ekaterina Stoyanova
Joker:   Yavor Kostov
Duration:    about 80 min

The DoseThe Dose

In September, 2006 begin the tour of the second forum theatre show “The Dose”. It   introduces to the audience the brought into use since January 2005 measure of implementation of an enacted by the Court penalty – the probation. The probation is a combination from restrictive measures, which are being applied without imprisoning the convicted person. Thus, although he/she has broken the law and has been sentenced for that, this person doesn’t break his/her relationships with the outer world. In this way he/she can be useful to the society, to the family and to himself/herself. We represent the story of a 17 years old young man, who due to his emotions commits a crime. Being afraid that his beloved girl, who is in abstination from drug use, is going to die, he commits theft. Can love acquit of a crime? How will the life of the young man continue? What is going to happen in the courtroom? Is this really the help that the girl needs? These are the problems which the forum theatre performance will raise among the young spectators. The forum theatre gives to the spectators an incredible chance to try in safety environment different models of behavior in eventual life situation, which would raise problems. On the stage is being presented a real life problem. The joker urges the audience to try and provoke a positive change in the position of the affected person by taking his role in a chosen by them moment and change his behavior in an appropriate according to them way. This interactive theatre from has not only strong rational, but also emotional effect on the spectators-participants and is an effective mean for civic education. We are convinced in the effectiveness of this mean by our practical experience.

Director:    Tsvete Yaneva
Performers:   Nikolay Dogramadjiev, Violina Vasileva, Ekaterina Stoyanova, Dana Andonova,Yavor Kostov
Joker:   Poliksena Hardalova
Duration:   about 80 minutes