Open Your Eyes!

Forum theatre performance for preventing people from human trafficking

The performance has been created by the actors of the English social theatre “The Geese Theatre” and is founded on real stories and facts, told by Bulgarian girls – victims of human trafficking. This play presents a well-known story. A girl is tricked by an “employer”, who is actually a trafficker that she is going to find a good paid job abroad. She follows him trustfully but the trafficker takes away her identification papers and forces her to prostitute. This is a trivial story, but the human trafficking exists! Open your eyes!
The performance is without words. This makes possible that each member of the audience takes it personally by putting his/her own details into it. The masks, the life music and the light effects are working on strongly and provoke the audience’s activity in the forum theatre discussion, which follows it. The joker urges the spectators to try and “save” the girl, victim of human trafficking, by taking her role in a certain moment of the performance and changing her behavior in an appropriate way.

Open Your Eyes reflects the whole process of trafficking, from the manipulation and trust building which traffickers use, through the violence and systematic psychological abuse of the ‘breaking down’ period to the emotional and psychological effects of continued enforced prostitution, ‘debt bondage’ and sexual violence.
The forum theatre gives to the young audience an incredible chance to try in safe environment different models of behavior in possible problems related to life situations.

The performance was conducted by British colleagues and adapted by the team of Theater Tsvete in a joint project of the International Organization for Migration and the British Council – Bulgaria.

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Director:   Louise Heywood, Tsvete Yaneva
Actors:   Ekaterina Stoyanova, Jordanka Andonova, Nikolai Dogramadjiev, Yavor Kostov
Joker:   Poliksena Hardalova