“Theatre Tsvete”is theatre & social formation, established in 1994 by graduates in puppetry from theNationalTheatricalAcademy«Krastio Sarafov» inSofia. On the 13 of April 1999 it was registered as NGO. It is managed by 3-members board, leaded by Mrs. Tsvete Yaneva – a president.

The actors performs FOR and works WITH young people and their social environment, regardless of their origin and abilities in order to:

– develop the young people’s potential and build up a society-orientated system of values
– prevent them from serious problems
– taking part in acts of violation, ethnic intolerance, risky behaviour, human trafficking, drugs
– incorporate socially deprived growing ups: without parent’s care, homeless ones, with physical and intellectual problems, with deviant behaviour, dropped out of school, victims of violence and war conflicts (art and social activity in the refugee camps in Macedonia, re-socialisation of families – victims of 11 of September);
– involve them in youth network for non-formal civic peer education in the children rights convention.

Theatre “Tsvete’s” team urges the society to look for solutions of youngsters’ problems; contributes to a successful integration of young people of marginal groups in the social life. The actors lead in the art and alternative art-psycho techniques in the social, educational and health work. Thus they work for breaking up of the society’s stereotypes according to such kind of people. Further the team conducts national and international training programs and exchanges of experience for drama and theatrical techniques applying to the social work of educators, actors, social workers and young volunteers (on the Balkans, in West Europe, in USA). Theatre “Tsvete” looks for collaboration with parents, governmental and local authorities, NGOs, media Theatre Tsvete is a winner of international theatrical & social awards.

Theatre Tsvete is a winner of international theatrical & social awards.

It is a member of IDEA (International Drama in Education Association), National Net for the Children, Association for pedagogical and social help of children – FICE-Bulgaria, Association of the Bulgarian Puppet Theatres ACT, UNIMA (UNion Internationale de la MArionnette) and the National Alliance For Social Responsibility