Grandmother Stories

Musical Puppet show for adults and children, with puppets made on the spot from traditional materials and featuring

Оld women and a man – all together are trying put to sleep their grandchild.. However, she wants a story first.
So, the old people invent stories where a cloth rooster fights with a sunflower lion; broom witches turn a gourd tsar into a donkey: a waistband dragon battles walking cane soldiers.
Eventually they get so involved with acting out the stories that they forget about the girl and she, left alone, falls asleep.
By combining the everyday problems of adults and children with funny stories, folk songs and dances, this production provides suitable entertainment for all ages.

COMPOSER:  Metody Ivanov
PERFORMERS & PUPPETS:  Ekaterina Stoyanova, Poliksena Kostova, Violina Vasileva-Aleksandrova, Meri Carney/ Konstantin Kostov

– Nominated for direction, acting and completely performing on the National Review of Puppetry “KUKLAR” 95
– Winner of the Prise of Children Jury for the Most Interesting Performance and the Prise for Direction of the International Jury on PIF’96 – Zagreb
– Award of the Croatia TV on the Festival of Arts in Shibenik in 1997
– Special commented like a new own style by the Jury of Review in Giord, Hungary
– Prise “The Most Creative Performance” in Torun – Poland, 2000
– Compliments on the festivals in Belgium, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania