Our main mission is to work FOR and WITH children and young people and their environment to create preconditions for their future positive inclusion in social life, regardless of their origin and capabilities

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Theater of Knowledge 2022
Fabulous break
Theater of Knowledge
17.05.2022 19:00

White scarf, red cloves

n/a 17.05.2022 19:00 The show “White scarf, red cloves” presents the stories of Yordan Yovkov “On the line”, “Seraphim” and “Shibil”. Between the individual modules, the actors hold discussions with

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The crisis as an opportunity - "Цветни сенки"
15.04.2022 12:00

Colorful shadows

108 ARE “Nikola Belovezhdov” 15.04.2022 12:00 The project “Colorful shadows” proposes to conduct innovative non - formal civic training on drug and drug prevention

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Flower Theater, welcome forever!“
Conversation with Tsvete Yaneva on the occasion of November 27
Conversation with Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova about the upcoming prime ministers…
Conversation with Yavor Kostov about the upcoming forum theaters…
Conversation with Tsvete Yaneva about the role of…

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