Empathy Lesson

The distribution of the puppet forum-theatre performance „The flying knight” is aimed of preventing violence in school among primary school pupils.

“The flying knight” presenting a story of a boy with endless fantasy. His classmates don’t accept him because of his differentness, and adults live only in their own problems.

What is happening on stage is familiar to students. Violence at school is so frequently that students get used to it and don’t notice it. Only the victims can’t accustom with this. The children in the hall sympathize with the little Martin and his troubles.  The empathy motivates them to go on stage and search for a way to help him.

“The flying knight” teaches students to recognize violence and to protect each other. If they remain silent and tolerate, the abuser believes he is invincible and repeats his actions.

 With this performance we want to provoke children, parents, and teachers to reflect their personal responsibility to this huge problem – violence at school.  

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