Eye Of an Artist, Soul of a Poet

An interactive theater performance based on short stories by Elin Pelin

Made possible with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture


 “Eye of an artist, soul of a poet “ is a play based on the short stories “At harvest time”, “All Souls’ Day”, “Harvesters”,  and “In the after world.”  These stories are part of the national elementary and middle school literature curriculum. The play is intended to amplify the students’ interest in and understanding of Elin Pelin’s works, as well as to be of assistance to those who take graduation exams in literature. The structure of “Eye of an artist, soul of a poet” is modular, and in between the stories the actors enter into discussions with the audience in order to explore the underlying meanings of Elin Pelin’s work and the literary tools he uses to convey his message. 

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