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Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity " Born Humans,each of us has equal rights and responsibilities to protect them, regardless of its origin and features. The aim of the project is to convince 60-100 students aged between 13 and 17 years from Zlatograd, Zlataritsa, Plovdiv, Sliven and Chepelare, how important it is for all of us to teach them THEY THEMSELVES to be active, to be able to mediate in conflict situations, to hold public discussions of problems in the classroom or school, caused by intolerance,misunderstanding and violation of the rights of others. Participants will be trained on 2 programs, based on an innovative methodology, involving learners in a creative process, which is personally meaningful, which makes the training desirable and effective. They will base in 5 youth club, each of which, under our leadership, will prepare a Forum-Theater performance. The performances will be presented at a festival “My opinion matters” Each club will export 6 interactive presentation in front of about 300 young people in the area of ​​their birthplace (total for the project 1500) on issues of concern to them, to look for solutions together. Their performances will be made available to local authorities and the public during the premieres in the five cities and through a planned Round table to share the acquired knowledge in the field of human rights and skills to protect them in their personal life and in society.

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "
Active citizens

Local premieres

The time has come for the local prime ministers in Zlataritsa, Zlatograd, Plovdiv, Sliven and Chepelare. “What people will say” and “Olympics in Italy” community center “DEVELOPMENT 1885” 22

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Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "
Active citizens

Round table

After the performances, the group leaders, representatives of the municipality of Chepelare, the trainers from the Theatre “Tsvete” gathered at a round table to express their satisfaction with the well done

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Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "
Active citizens

Festival “My opinion matters”

Lorem ipsum carrots, enhanced monitoring procedures. To land developer, of mourning, neither ullamcorper mattis, volleyball protein lion. “Zlatograd gorge” – forum theatrical performance of

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Active citizens

Overcoming problems, caused…

Overcoming problems, caused by the unforeseen situation in the country After several changes in the dates of the meetings and last appointments, the schools in Kazanlak and Targovishte fall

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The point of HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING is not so much the achievement of knowledge, as much as building attitudes, beliefs, values, rules and norms of conduct respecting the equality of human dignity.

As a result of the trainings, which we will conduct within the framework of this project, we expect the participants:

  • to be able to mediate in conflict situations
  • to hold public discussions of problems in the classroom or school, caused by intolerance, misunderstanding and violation of the rights of others
  • to be involved in campaigns for informal peer education by human rights peers.

How we plan to achieve it?

The training "Through participation" represents a new paradigm in education. Various methods and techniques derive from it. Our program focuses on the art method Forum theatre (FT). Good European practices show, that these are interactive forms of personal development, which stimulate learners to participate both intellectually and emotionally - through discussions, role-playing games and shared experiences. The point of Forum theatre is to change the position of learners from observers and listeners to active participants, to encourage them to engage in dialogue on issues, affecting them. And then be more confident in their personal decisions and impact, which they may have on others. Forum theatre is a technique, changing the position of the learners from observers to active participants, encouraging them to engage in dialogue on the issues,affecting them.

Role-playing games are a method of recreating the real, a familiar or imaginary situation. When creating it, the participants must achieve a clear description of the current situation / problem and indicate how each participant in the acting scene (victim, bully, observer, etc.) would react. Thus, they learn to look at the problem from different points of view and to develop a deeper understanding of the situation and the people affected..

Group work in a large / small group. Different configurations are set in order to develop habits and skills for self-assessment and assessment of the behavior of others.; conflict resolution; analyzing situations and problems from the other's point of view; assertive self-expression. Art activity offers intriguing ways to encourage participants to synthesize their thoughts, to formulate key messages and their emotional experiences as a result of the overall work

The training will be outsourced to the participants, to break away from the usual activities and to stimulate communication between themselves. In this way we will have the opportunity to apply the necessary techniques to turn the group of young people into a team.


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The project "Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity" is implemented with financial support in the amount of 113,600 euros, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway On the side of The EEA Financial Mechanism. The main goal of the project is to develop and implement educational tools in the protection of human rights. This document was created with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. All responsibility for the content of the document lies with Theatre Tsvete and cannot be accepted under any circumstances, that this document reflects the official opinion of The financial mechanism of the European Economic Area and The operator of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria.

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "

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