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We are starting a project “ME, INSTEAD OF YOU“, received financial support from the National Program for the Implementation of Youth Activities under Art. 10and from the gambling law for 2022 year of Ministry of Youth and Sports. Young people from the village will be involved in it Bistrica, Municipality Dupnitsa, city Pernik, Yambol, Zlatograd, Chepelare, Kardzhali, Zlataritsa and Gotse Delchev.

The project aims to prevent the use and distribution of narcotic substances. It will be implemented by 15.07 to 31.10.2022r.

Each of us knows from our own experience, that it is much easier to find a way out of a problematic situation, when you are not the victim in it. You look objectively at the details, you evaluate the possibilities and give advice: ” If I were you…”

And here it is, we are now initiating a project “Me, instead of you“, to enable young people to look at the serious problem from the side “drug addiction” and taking on the role of his victim, to look for a way out. We will present them with our forum theater performance “Colorful shadows“.

The emotional impact, what theater art does to the audience, provokes in them empathy for the victim of the presented situation and they enter into her role, to suggest a change in her behavior, which will solve the problem. Forum theatre /FT/ gives viewers the unique opportunity in a safe environment to test the effectiveness of their proposed strategy. The actions of the spectator-actor cause a reaction on the part of the other characters, and the intervening spectator suffers the consequences of his actions. It has been proven, that there is no more effective and long-lasting result than this, gained through experience.

By playing the victim, even with consciousness, that they are only participants in a theatrical play, young people will experience the great hopelessness of trying to get out of the drug trap. They will realize the need to fight to prevent new victims in it. Some of them will accept our invitation to get involved in drug prevention among their peers and become participants in our trainings. Viewers of the youth performances created during our joint work will become at least 100-120 their peers and 30 adults responsible for their growth, who in turn will be alerted to the unwavering attention, awareness and countermeasures, which the problem of drug use and distribution requires. Discussion of possibilities for carrying out such measures will be held on The round tables in the included cities, with which our project will end.

27.07.2022 - city. Pernik - round table and FT performance

With the start of a project “Me, instead of you” we tell you: Welcome to the creative space of Theatre “Tsvete” and our partners from Foundation “Pulse”.
Pernik– round table and FT performance “Colorful shadows”
The project is implemented with the financial support of the National Program for the Implementation of Youth Activities under Art. 10A of the Law on Gambling for 2022 DOG. 25-00-30/19.07.2022

27.07.2022 - city. Pernik - online broadcasts

Forum theater performance “Colorful shadows” , on the topic of Prevention of addiction to narcotic substances in a center “At home” in front of young people from DUTY The Musketeers and Youth Club at the Pulse Foundation from a city Pernik and conducted two online broadcasts for all other project participants “Me instead of you” on Theatre “Tsvete” and Foundation “Pulse” .

30.07. - 03.08.2022 - First training

02.08.2022 - Presentation to an audience

10 youth groups from 8 cities in Bulgaria are cooked in Chepelare, to present a forum theater on a theme: "Prevention of various forms of addictions" We forbid our children to use drugs, they desire them even more. We offer them scientific literature on the harm, which they cause - with annoyance they put aside the reading. We make a scandal out of them - they cut off communications between us. Then what? The answer is Forum Theater. COMMAND! LET US BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CHILDREN'S LIVES. THE THEATER IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS. In the city. Chepelare of 02.08. and 06.08.2022. from 17.00 o'clock in the "Rhodopska Iskra 1880" FC, there will be a forum of theatrical performances by young people on the theme: "Prevention of various forms of addictions" - an extremely creative form of preventive action and impact on the younger generation through art techniques. On 02.08. /Tuesday/ age group youth will participate 15-19 years from. Bistrica, Dupnitsa municipality; city. Yambol - volunteers for the municipality of Yambol in connection with the problems of addictions; city. Zlatograd; The city of Kardzhali - a branch of the "PULS" foundation and the city of Gotse Delchev , who, with their forum theatrical performances, will look from the side at the serious problem "DRUG ADDICTION", acting as his victim. On 06.08./Saturday/, young people of the age group will participate 15-19 years from. Pernik Foundation "PULSE", CPLR ODK c. Pernik, city. Chepelare - students at PGGSSS «N.Y. Vaptsarov», city. Zlataritsa and town. Zlatograd - CPLR ODK.

Chepelare municipality (Municipality of Chepelare) Facebook

03-07.08.2022 - Second training

06.08.2022 Presentation to an audience


🎯Completed the second Project training camp “Me, instead of you”.
Every breakup is sad, but the memory of the shared, inspiring moments together will remain in our hearts for a long time! 💖

Goodbyes are not the end. They just mean “miss you, till we meet again”!


12.08.2022 - presentation of "Stalemate" in the city. Yambol

Forum theater performance “Stalemate”, with the participation of the youth from the city Yambol with director and presenter Ekaterina Kazakova from Theatre “Tsvete” was part of the program organized by Yambol municipality by chance International Youth Day. The performance was presented in the city park of 12.08 in front of parents, peers and volunteers to the red cross.

The city park in Yambol has become the scene of events, organized by occasion 12 August – International Youth Day. 🙌 AT 19:30 the discussion started on "Prevention of various addictions", in which young people from the municipality of Yambol participated, participated in the project "Me, instead of you", funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, The national program for the implementation of youth activities under Art. 10and from the gambling law for 2022 g., performed by actress Ekaterina Kazakova from Tsvete Theater. The deputy mayor of Yambol municipality Encho Keryazov debated with the young people, the chairman of the Municipal Council - Yambol Anton Shikov, Emilia Kremykova, chairman of the Standing Committee "Education, sports and youth activities" to the Municipal Council - Yambol, Tenyo Boev from the Local Commission for Combating Antisocial Behavior of Minors. The moderator of the discussion was Pavel Todorov, Secretary of the Municipal Council on Narcotic Substances at the Municipality of Yambol.

25.09.2022 - presentation of "Еуфория" в с. Бистрица общ. Dupnitsa

За пореден път залата беше тясна за публиката дошла да гледа представлението на младежите от театралния кръжок към читалището. Те представиха форум театър на тема: „Превенция на различни форми на зависимости“. Форум театърът е една изключително креативна форма за превантивно действие и въздействие върху подрастващото поколение чрез арт техники. Благодарение на професионализма и правилния подход на актьора и експерт на театър " Tsvete" Мартин Ноев младежите се справиха блестящо. Публиката беше изключително впечатлена от сюжета и добрата игра на младите актьори. След постановката имаше дискусия с публиката относно различните форми на зависимост сред подрастващото поколение. И ролята на възрастните за тяхното предотвратяване.

29.09.2022 - presentation of "Повече няма" in the city. Chepelare

Очакваме Ви на 29.09.2022r. from 18:00 in the community center Родопска искра 1880 city.Chepelare за да видите Форум Театрално младежко представление Повече няма.
Ще бъдете свидетели на една автентична семейна история, свързана с алкохолизъм и наркотици.. We hope, да ви докоснем и да ви покажем, какво се случва след думитеНикога повече няма да го правя!

30.09.2022 - presentation of "Провалена мечта" in the city. Kardzhali

Гледайте Форум театралното представление на младежите от гр. Kardzhali: ,,Провалена мечта on 30.09.2022r from 14:00h в залата на ЦПЛР-ОДК Кърджали.
Това е история за съперничество, за приятелството, като ценност и за това, колко е важен всеки избор, който правим в живота си.
Представлението разкрива предизвикателствата, които среща един млад, футболен талант по пътя към сбъдването на мечтите си.
Заповядайте да поговорим на тема ,,превенция на видовете зависимости сред младите хора on Round table, непосредствено след края на преставлението, на същото място.

01.10.2022 - presentation of "Под влияние" in the city. Zlatograd

Заповядайте на ПРЕМИЕРА Под Влияние”.

Очакваме ви на 01.10.2022 , 13:00h в малката зала на читалищеПросвета-1908” city. Zlatograd

01.10.2022 - presentation of "За първи път" in the city. Zlatograd

Заповядайте на ПРЕМИЕРА За първи път.

Очакваме ви на 01.10.2022 , 13:00h в малката зала на читалищеПросвета-1908” city. Zlatograd

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