Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"
War stories – premiere
Compatibility: We and it
Compatibility: Tour “Borders”
Dorm 30.09.2023 19:00 Проектът е реализиран
Отново благодарение на финансовата подкрепа, която проект
Through 2019 година актьори от театър “Tsvete”
По покана на Театър Цвете и с
По покана на театър “Tsvete” известният американски
Life is not a play,life is improvisation…. First
Хайде да се запознаем! /моменти от 23.07.2023г/
On 18 May 2023 year was exported
“Borders” – a performance, mixing gesture and talk
Theatre “Tsvete” – dedicated to the cause yes
Vasil Spasov and Tsvete Yaneva on the air
Tsvete Yaneva and her associates
Today we will talk to Tsvete Yaneva
Today we are talking to Violina from the Theater
Conversation of Venci Nenkov with Yavor Kostov
Conversation with Tsvete Yaneva about the role of
Record from the forum-presentation “Chewing gum” of students from
Today Venci from Omai. TV met with
"You will not hear me again!” Or how
#Live moabet with Vasil Spasov from Theater “Tsvete”.
There is no rush to deal with a crisis
The story is inspiring, and the future is digital
Elin Pelin's stories come to life on stage
It's called Flower. Not Tsvetelina either
A banal story, presented in an attractive way: Naive
On 13 October in the Profiled Humanitarian
Hello, friends! Today we received the letter from the European
Dear friends, Because of Covid-19 we all need it

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