The mask

"THE MASK" - forum theater on the theme of alienationThe story of two friends and classmates, which isolation changed. Сценарий Цвете Янева Режисура Екатерина Казакова Участват Невена Денчева и Ани Вълчева Жокерира Екатерина Казакова Продължителност 45 минути Подходящ за 12-16 annual

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"Трудно решение"

Hard decision

Emma and Rado are preparing for exams, за да заминат да следват заедно в чужбина.Ема я приемат, but Rado – not. He sets a condition – if she leaves alone, това ще бъдекраят на връзката им. Режисура Цвете Янева Участват Таня Йоргова, Велислава Кирилова и Васил Сасов Продължителност 45 минути Подходящ за 13-18 annual

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War stories

Tsvete Theater continues the series of educational performances to help students. Военните разкази на Йордан Йовков „Последна радост“ и „Вълкадин говори с Бога“ оживяват на сцената и за съжаление са болезнено актуални и днес. The author takes us through the horror of war and its aftermath in the first person. There, where the beauty, любовта и нормалните човешки взаимоотношения

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The spectacle “Nashenets”, which Theater “Tsvete” created based on the works of Aleko Konstantinov with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture”. We expect the performances to increase students' interest in the writer's work, as well as help those, who are about to graduate. Сценарий и режисура Цвете Янева Сценография Жени Лачева и Диляна Асенова Музика Андрей Дреников Участват Ана

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White scarf, red cloves

National Student Dormitory 22.03.2024 19:00 The performance “White Scarf, red carnation ”presents the stories of Yordan Yovkov“ On the wire ”, "Seraphim" and "Shibil". Between the individual modules, the actors hold discussions with the audience and help them reach their own conclusions, published in critical literature. Students have the opportunity to enter into a live conversation with the characters, за да разберат мислите и

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The innovative bilingual show brings together actors without and with hearing impairments on one stage, as well as a hearing and non-hearing audience in one hall. Each image is represented by a pair of actors, които по уникален начин съчетават два български езика – talking and gesturing. There are limits, cruel and insurmountable like minefields! There are limits, formal and boring, but

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A witch for a miracle and a fairy tale

The child grows up, when he asked himself the important questions “Who am I?”And“ What I came to this world for?”. In the process of finding their answers, it learns to take responsibility, gains self-confidence, gradually turned from a little girl into a young girl and deservedly received the nickname "witch for a miracle and a fairy tale"! Playwright:Cheerful Flambourari Director:Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

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Colorful shadows

Colorful shadows

Forum theatrical performance for young people over 13 years for drug use and the risk of HIV infection, which are part of the challenges facing young people. Режисура: Flower Yaneva Participate: Nevena Dencheva, Tanya Yorgova, Philip Gulyashki, Mikhail Petrov and Ekaterina Kazakova Lighting and sound: Martin Noah Duration: 70 minutes Suitable for: 13 –

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"А ти какво би направил?" poster"

And what would you do?

“And what would you do??” is a forum theatrical performance, in which three of the most common forms of school violence are presented. Viewers decide which one to try to bring about positive change, changing at a certain moment and in a way they think is right, the behavior of the injured hero. Screenplay and direction Tsvete Yaneva Participate

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