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Don't let the brake and violence

After the first meeting (Budapest, December 2018 g.) the members of the consortium are working hard to finalize the already existing symbols and situations in the game, and the game was tested by young people and experts in Denmark, Portugal, France, Bulgaria and Romania.

The consortium members then met again during the second transnational partnership meetings., which were organized in the city youth school in Copenhagen in Denmark, on 11 March 2019 r. All partner organizations attended the meeting, which had the following purposes:

  • to review and discuss the results of the activities so far;
  • to indicate the tasks, the responsible persons and the deadlines for the next phase of the project;
  • to discuss new ideas for the further development of the game;
  • more in-depth acquaintance with the administrative and financial aspects of the project.

Thanks to the meeting and our joint thinking, very good ideas came up about gamification, and participants shared some good practices and useful methods with each other. Overall, the meeting was very useful and fulfilled all its goals. The next transnational partnership meeting will be organized in Chambery, France on 12-13 June 2019 r. At the same time, the consortium members continue to work on existing symbols and situations, as well as to create new characters and situations as part of the development of our simulation game.

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