The spectacle “Nashenets”, which Theatre “Tsvete” based on the works of Aleko Konstantinov with the financial support of National Fund “Culture”. We expect the performances to increase students' interest in the writer's work, as well as help those, who are about to graduate.
  • Screenplay and direction

    Tsvete Yaneva

  • Scenography

    Zheni Lacheva and Dilyana Asenova

  • Music

    Andrey Drenikov

  • Participate

    Anna Valcheva, Violin Alexandrova, Georgi Mavrov, Martin Noev, Mikhail Petrov and Philip Gulyashki

  • Lighting and sound

    Ekaterina Kazakova

  • Duration

    80 minutes

  • Appropriate for

    14-19 annual

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