New motivation from France

Don't let the brake and violence

The third meeting of the draft program Erasmus +, entitled "Prevention of harassment and abuse" took place on 12-14 June 2019. in Chambery, France. The meeting started with a wonderful ceremony, which took place in the town hall of Chambery, accompanied by a motivating and inspiring speech by the Deputy Mayor of the city - Mrs. Natali Colin – Cocchi. After the ceremony, the consortium of 7 partner organizations continued their joint work to develop a simulation game for young people.

The simulation game aims to inform young vulnerable groups, as such, living with disabilities, migrants, poor people, etc.. and make them more empathetic and sensitive to potential situations of abuse, suffered by these vulnerable groups. Also, it aims to make them think about this topic, as well as discouraging them from being bullies and at the same time giving them some good tools and advice on how to deal with such situations in their daily lives..

With so many big goals in a project, then, of course, it is inevitable that there will not be many tasks, to be met, as is the case with Chambery at the third partnership meeting of the project "Prevention of harassment and abuse". And so, after the inspiring speech of the Deputy Mayor, on 13 June 2019. the consortium continued its joint work with a new motivation and sense of mission. In the current meeting, we had many goals, which we had to fulfill, such as discussing new characters, as well as to give each other some suggestions for changes; let's listen to some good ideas for playing the game and in this sense to take a few steps forward in this endeavor; to get acquainted with the methodology of Theater Forum and understand and try it with the help of a short game; to discuss the first test version of the game; to finalize the distribution plan and the leaflet for the project; and also to prepare each partner for the submission of the interim report.

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