“New Attitude” – In defense of our rights

let's meet! /moments from 23.07.2023/

First day of first camp : ,,In defense of our rights” per project,,A new attitude”Great Dane N 25-00-30/12.07.2023
The project is implemented by ,,Theatre Tsvete” with the participation of youth formations from Gotse Delchev, Bistrica, ruse, Sliven, Yambol, Kardzhali,Chepelare and Zlatograd, thanks to the financial support of the MMC under the NPIMD , section 10A of the Gambling Act for 2023

A right without corresponding responsibility is so unreal, as much as a piece of paper, which has only one side…..

Trust is built then, when someone is vulnerable, and the other did not take advantage of his weakness.".....

,,Knowledge is power, and wisdom is freedom" To learn our rights through art! - Third day of the first project camp ,,New Attitude"

Yesterday in footage

,,And what would you do?"- a performance of ,,Theatre Tsvete" for a demonstration of FT methods to youth groups from Ruse, Sliven, Chepelare,Zlatograd, Gotse Delchev, Bistrica,Yambol and Kardzhali

Creativity is breaking through the boring, to discover the incredible." - Bill Moyers

Kardzhali group - working process

Goodbyes aren't forever, they are not the end. They simply mean “I miss you, until we meet again'.. We are waiting for our new creative meeting 7-11 lX 2023г.....

Captured moments....,,Sometimes we don't know the true value of a moment, until it's a memory"

,,We don't remember days, we remember moments"...

Project ,,New Attitude” is implemented with the financial support of MMC by NPIMD, section 10A of the Gambling Act N 25-00-30/12.07.2023

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