“You won't hear me again!” – tour

"Let's hear your voice!“ is a project of Theatre Tsvete in partnership with SGB and MOSGB. It is aimed at the deaf community in the cities Varna, Burgas, Yambol, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Sofia.
For the first time in the world, a forum theatrical performance is being played "You will not hear me again!“ in Bulgarian we speak and sign language at the same time, starring a deaf and hard of hearing actress. The problems of the different are affected, the ambitions of their parents and the desire to be unconditionally accepted. During the forum theatrical discussions deaf children will have the opportunity to be active, to give voice to their thoughts and feelings, to get into a role, and make suggestions on how problematic situations for the characters can be improved. This is an attempt to understand, that their choices and decisions are important, and of importance, to change their lives for the better.
  • Screenplay and direction

    Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

  • Participate

    Rositsa Karadjova and Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova

  • Leading

    Silvana Pavlova

  • Technical person

    Vasilen Grozev

  • Organizers

    Flower Theater and Youth Organization at SGB

📅 Dates of performances:
13.04.2022 from 🕡 18:30 h. – 📍 city. Varna in the Theater “Cricket”;
16.04.2022 from 🕦 11:30 h. – 📍 city. Stara Zagora in the Regional Library “Zachary Kniazeski”;
16.04.2022 from 🕡 18:30 h. – 📍 city. Burgas at the State Puppet Theater;
17.04.2022 from 🕦 11:30 h. – 📍 city. Yambol in the Chitalishte “Dawn – 1945”;
17.04.2022 from 🕡 18:30 h. – 📍 city. Plovdiv at the Hand Theater;
20.04.2022 city. from 🕡 18:30 h. – 📍 city. Sofia in the House of Culture “Iskar”

The project is implemented with the financial support of National Fund “Culture” and The program “Culture” of Sofia Municipality

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