Premieres of the youth FT…

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "

Premieres of local youth FT clubs

It's time for local premieres in Zlataritsa, Zlatograd, Plovdiv, Sliven and Chepelare.

“What people will say” and “Olympics in Italy”

On 22-September in Chitalishte "Development 1885" – city. Zlataritsa are the first two prime ministers, marking the end of the two - year project of Theatre Tsvete : "Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity"– implemented with financial support, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Financial Mechanism of EIP through the Fund "Active citizens-Bulgaria"
In the Forum theatrical performances "What people will say!?“ and "Olympics in Italy" students from High school "St.. st. Cyril and Methodius" city. Zlataritsa : Asya Deneva, Anna-Maria Dimitrova, Yurai Nurieva, Gabriela Krachunova, Laura Traikova, Mariana Nedelcheva, Elitsa Deneva, Zhivko Gubakov, Rostislav Dimitrov , as well as educators Bela Dimitrova - Ilieva and Penka Ivanova
Trainers – the actors Martin Noev and Philip Gulyashki
Forum theatrical performances address two serious cases of human rights violations , which are in real cases and concern racial prejudice and human trafficking.
Welcome from 11h in the hall of the community center, to be part of this extraordinary event in which young people explore human rights issues!

The premiere of the forum-theatrical performances "What people will say?" and "Olympics in Italy" on the project "Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity" was held! Despite all the difficulties and vicissitudes, despite the small and large stumbling blocks, we succeeded! Thank you our wonderful children, thank you for your dedication, for labor, for that, that you are our wonderful team, Our pride, our future! We are proud of you! Thank you all, who stood steadfastly and inseparably behind us and supported us! We thank Martin Noev and Filip Gulyashki for this, that in their faces we found strong support and good friends! Thanks to the theater "Tsvete" and Tsvete Yaneva for the opportunity to be part of their team, that it made us feel great, United family! Love you! Be healthy and do not change!

“Zlatograd gorge”

Corner are the places, in which children and young people learn to think, and in Zlatograd this is happening. Children are already different from my generation- more open, more sociable,seeking and in any case not giving in to their peers outside! Well done, Цплр Златоград, Daniela Sapundjieva and Svetlana Dzhambazova!

“Different” and “With a rifle”

With Premiere and subsequent performances, Theatrical troupe "Attempt to fly" at the Humanities High School starts the new school year. The students from the troupe created their own scenes on the theme "Different" and "Pushkom", in which they are embodied in authentic and bright characters with excellent, by all the criteria of the dramatic rules, conflict situation. The actors brilliantly coped with the difficult task of creating and presenting a Forum Theater. This is an innovative method, in which by means of the theater, real conflict situations are resolved. The premiere marks the end of the two-year project in partnership with the Flower Theater, entitled "Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity". For all participants and guests the most exciting part was the interaction with the audience and the opportunity for the audience to offer a different course of action for the characters.. The actors from the student troupe "Attempt to fly", withstood the challenges and partnership with the audience with impressive professionalism. The different approach in the Forum Theater took the audience out of the passive, monitoring position and put them in the active, offering and playing a role. The shared emotion contributed to a new look and method for dealing with conflict situations in the school environment. The creation and practice of the innovative method "Forum-Theater" is a kind of tool, means for students to try out different patterns of behavior in a safe environment and to find their own solutions to life and school conflicts. We are happy, that we can provide this opportunity to our theatrical talents. Good luck in "Flying Experience"!


On 4 October c Yordan Yovkov Primary School – city. Plovdiv the premiere is coming up, which will reflect the finale of the two - year project of Theatre Tsvete : "Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity"– implemented with financial support, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Financial Mechanism of EIP through Stock "Active citizens-Bulgaria"
Theatrical performance in the Forum "Together" students from Yordan Yovkov United School city. Plovdiv : Kristina Tasheva, Elena Strandzheva, Punar Mendu, Yovko Nonov, Stoimen Stoimenov, Philip Grigorov, as well as the pedagogical advisor Mariana Petkova
Trainers – the actors Violina Vasileva and Ivona Želeva
Forum theatrical performance addresses the serious problem of domestic violence and interference in the personal choices of adolescents in the family. This is a case of human rights violations , which is an actual case and excites the participants in the project.
Welcome from 13:30h. in the school hall, to be a part of this exceptional event, in which young people explore human rights issues!
The Joker will be Mariana Petkova.

“The new one” and “You waited”

Touch, shared, excited, changed, inspired, ready to take the helm of social art and be the bearers of change - wonderful young tadpoles! Grateful, Vasco and I feel satisfied and appreciated! Congratulations on the completion of this wonderful project! Thank you for your trust, sharing and opportunity! Love from the magical Rhodopes!

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