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Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

Theater “Tsvete” starts the implementation of a project “Fabulous break” in 6 educational institutions from 5 metropolitan area. It is part of the initiatives, planned to be realized in the big one-year project of the association “Theater of Knowledge ’2022”, financed by National Fund “Culture”. The initiative is also supported by the Sofia Program “Social innovation”.

The actors will turn into an interesting and useful fairy tale spring break for children aged 10 to 14 years from the area Swelling, Slatina, Kremikovtzi, Novi Iskar and Youth. The participants will prepare performances based on literature material studied by them, which will be filmed. Each of the participating schools will receive six different videos, with which to diversify the learning process. The training will favor the mastery of the Bulgarian language, communication skills and teamwork skills of the participants, will increase their self-confidence and win the interest and sympathy of their peers and environment.

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All week the alumni of 172 United School ,,Hristo Botev" in the metropolitan area "Novi Iskar" had fun and took acting lessons. This was announced by the regional mayor Daniela Raicheva on Facebook. Actors from the Flower Theater work with the kids. The children played for six days, they danced, they sang and learned how to be more artistic in front of an audience. Today the project ended with the shooting of a film, in which the young actors demonstrated what they had learned. The classes were part of the "Fairytale Break" project. This is another initiative in the field of education, which is realized on the territory of "Novi Iskar". The activities are financed by the National Culture Fund and Sofia Municipality.

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