The project comes to life!

Don't let the brake and violence

The creative work on the project "Prevention of harassment and abuse" started with the first meeting of 2-4 December 2018 in Budapest. During the meeting, consortium of 7 partner organizations and by 6 countries, led by FSZK Nonprofit Ltd., got acquainted with the rules and plans of the project, and also with the test version, which is still in its infancy and aims to develop throughout 32-monthly project.

The implementation of the project started on 1you September 2018. and will end on 30you April 2021. The members of the consortium met for the first time at this meeting in Budapest and took their first steps together to achieve their common goal: create a useful tool to prevent and / or avoid harassment and abuse.

The first meeting successfully reached its original goal, as each participant says goodbye at the end of the meeting, sharing the same commitment, dedication and motivation of the project. The next important step in the project is to organize and conduct the first test events of the game. After this first test of the simulation game, all partners will be able to give their suggestions and share and use them during the next meetings and events in Denmark, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, including young people and experts from their own countries.

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