Theatrical and social formation "Theatre Tsvete"

New Attitude

For several years now the world, that surrounds us, is hostile, limiting and unpredictable. The consequences are particularly severe, which this suffocating atmosphere inflicts on young people.


From 01.01.2023 year, our team starts implementing a project "COMPATIBILITY" with the financial support of National Culture Fund

Yovkov`s stories

On 25-th October 2022 year begins the journey of our interactive educational spectacle "White scarf, red cloves ” around the country!

Based on the works of Bulgarian classics

The project envisages two performances of two interactive educational spectacles, developed on the studied material by

Me, instead of you

We are starting a project “ME, INSTEAD OF YOU“, received financial support from the National Program for the Implementation of Youth Activities

Let's hear your voice

"Let's hear your voice!“Is a project aimed at students with hearing impairments from special schools in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Targovishte.


Fabulous break

Theater “Tsvete” starts the implementation of a project “Fabulous break” in 6 educational institutions from 5 metropolitan area.

Theater of Knowledge 2022

This is a project for the one - year activity of Theatre Tsvete through 2022 year, financially supported by National Culture Fund

Theater of Knowledge

Theater project “Tsvete” to overcome the consequences of the pandemic and strengthen its position as a successful socio-educational theater.

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity

Born Humans,each of us has equal rights and responsibilities to protect them..

We play your story

The project offers testing of the idea of ​​building a proactive civil society

Digital war on violence

The project plans to prepare a digital version of four forum theatre performances by…

Dream Theater

Theatre has the advantage, that all kinds of arts, so it creates an opportunity task …

The CybSPEED project will implement many scenarios of human-robot interaction…

Drug addictions

Working with risk groups, students and young people in order to prevent drug addiction

Who will be king

The show teaches young viewers how important it is for people to take care of nature, so that nature can…

You won't hear me again!

Or how not to be lost in translation "is a project of" Flower "Theater in partnership with SGB (union of …

Violence at school

The Theatre "Tsvete" offers five forum theatrical performances, associated with various forms of violence…

Harassment and abuse

The main goal of the project is to support the daily work of educators to prevent…

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