First supervisions in Zlatograd, Zlataric…

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "

First supervisions in Zlatograd, Zlataritsa, Plovdiv, Sliven and Chepelare

Започна първата визита на актьорските екипи в помощ на изграждането на самостоятелни форум театрални спектакли от местните младежки клубове в петте града

Tasks of the first supervisions:

  • Building teamwork skills - through team games, concentration and trust,
  • developing empathy - through role-playing games
  • developing acting skills - entering different roles, partnership tasks, rhythm, movement and law
  • script work - reading and in-depth analysis of the script and clarifying the relationships between the characters. Distribution of roles, initial stage to enter the character, build a biography of each character. Репетиция на маса за затвърждаване на структурата на представлението.

In the first supervision, the five teams analyzed the proposals from the presented scenarios and discussed the relationship between the achievements of humanity in terms of human rights and the specific case of their life experience, especially when rights are violated or suppressed..

ЗЛАТОГРАД-1, 30.01-01.02.2021r.​​

ПЛОВДИВ-1, 02-05.02.2021r.

ЗЛАТАРИЦА-1, 17-19.02.2021r.

ЧЕПЕЛАРЕ-1, 22-24.02.2021r.

СЛИВЕН-1, 14-16.04.2021r.

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