Second supervision in Zlatograd, Zlataric…

Exercise your rights with knowledge and creativity "

Second supervision in Zlatograd, Zlataritsa, Plovdiv, Sliven and Chepelare


Using knowledge of the nature of human rights, participants derive specific cases from their own environment, to fit into the preliminary scenarios.

Tasks of the second supervisions:

  • Working on conflict - work in pairs to conduct a conflict in a situation, creating sketches.
  • work with the stage space - construction of mise-en-scène
  • Upgrading acting skills- Work on orthography and speech technique.
  • Improvisation- exercises for spontaneity and communication with the audience.
  • Putting the show on stage.

PLOVDIV-2, 06-08.03.2021r.

ZLATARITSA-2, 09-11.03.2021r.

CHEPELARE-2, 16-18.03.2021r.

ZLATOGRAD-2, 22-24.05.2021g.

SLIVEN-2, 25-27.05.2021r.

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