The cricket sword – interactive puppet theater

“The Cricket Sword” is an interactive puppet show based on the fairy tale of the same name PETYA KARAKOLEVA
This is a simple story about an unusual cricket. Cricket, who doesn't want to play the violin like the other crickets, and he wants to be a hero.
In the process of playing it understands, that heroes are not just those, who brandish swords, and these, who with their music conquer hearts and help others.
We invite you to a puppet show on Children's Day! Welcome.
  • Scenario

    Tsvete Yaneva

  • Directing

    Ekaterina Kazakova

  • Scenography and dolls

    Hannah Schwartz

  • Participate

    Nadelina Vasileva and Ekaterina Kazakova

  • Music

    Elena Metodieva

  • Duration


  • Appropriate for


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