A soap tale

A soap tale

The puppet tale introduces children to diseases, to which unclean food and unwashed hands lead.

Large lizards have long since disappeared from The Earth. But in our story, children will help raise and educate a newly hatched Dinosaur, who knows nothing about our world.
Hygienic habits, which the children have already acquired, will be reinforced in the role-playing games offered to them in the performance. And their sympathy for the sick Dino, who does not love purity, builds children's respect for hygiene.

  • Screenplay and direction

    Tsvete Yaneva

  • Scenography

    Evgeniya Lacheva

  • Music

    Nadezhda Yotsova

  • Participate

    Violina Vasileva-Alexandrova and Georgi Mavrov

  • Duration

    40 minutes

  • Appropriate for

    3 - 8 annual

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